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When Is the Right Time for Lining, Bubble, or Fill with Your Box?

There are some circumstances when you need lining, fill or bubble with your box. Use void fill if your shipper box is bigger than your items. Another need for fill or lining with your box is for blocking or bracing. It is used in the heavy, high value, or fragile packed items. With this, you need to immobilize the items inside the shipper box.

To understand more, the following are the choices for void fill, lining, and packaging paper:

  • Corrugated bubble

Corrugated bubbles are sheets used for void fill which can wrap items. It can also be rolled up and can be used for filling empty spaces within the box.

  • Packaging paper

It is used for void fill. It can be crinkled or balled to seal the empty space of the shipping box. You can use it for wrapping items or protection. It comes with different types, colors, texture, and thickness. It is wallet-friendly and environment-friendly.

  • Bubble cushion wrap

Bubble rolls are perfect for fragile products. It provides protection and a great alternative for bracing and blocking. The cushioning is available in small, medium, and large bubble sizes. The bubbles range from 3/16" to 1/2" depending on the size.

This type of packing peanut will not stick or cling to electronics or other products that need to be free of static. The peanuts are pink in color and are lightweight not to add weight to shipments.

Lightweight, low cost, and versatile protection keeps items in place with it's interlocking capabilities. It is advisable to use so the shipper box snugly fits your items.

It is a good material for void fill in time when the presentation is necessary. It can also be used for smaller packages. It can store in a compacted way and expands for the packages. It performs a good solid job for the protection of fragile items with the "B" Fluted protection to absorb shock while shipping.

  • Peanuts

You can use “S” shaped pieces loose-fill peanuts to fill excessive air in the box. You can choose those who have extended polystyrene for the protection of your product. It is also easy to use, so shippers choose this material for protecting the products. Meanwhile, the only downside of the peanuts is that it is expensive. It also needs a big room for storage.

Inflatables are getting popular when it comes to bracing, blocking, or void fills for boxes. These are small plastics pillows of air that can fill empty spaces inside the box easily and quickly. It is a minimal but effective material to offer protection to your products. It can be stored in a flat or uninflated manner. However, it is not highly advisable for presentation.

Now that you have learned the possible options for void fill, bubble, or lining with your box, you can ensure the safety and protection of your products. It is a fact that you always want to maintain the good shape and condition of your valuable things during the shipping process. Fortunately, lining, bubble, and void fill can help to keep the best shape of your products. It can help you to have peace of mind when it comes to shipping your products.