Regular Packing Peanuts - 14 Cuft.

  • Packing Peanuts protective shipping material
  • Large package of 14 Cubic Feet (Uncompressed)
  • The lightweight peanuts fill void spaces in boxes & are reusable 
  • Great for packing and shipping delicate items to keep surrounded with cushion material
  • Ships in 4 compressed bags / boxes
  • Not for sale and/or use in the following states:
    • Washington
    • New York
    • Washington DC
    • Oregon
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Packing Peanuts For Your Products

As a company, you need to ensure the safe delivery of your products with the correct packaging material when they are being transported to customers. Starboxes industrial packing peanuts can provide extra cushioning to your fragile items when they are being packed in boxes or shipping bags. The styrofoam shaped peanuts can be used to keep your small products together and compressed during vibrations or shocks. This type of packaging material can be easy and fun to use when you are storing or shipping out your goods. You can use them for packing different types of products like glassware, electronic devices, artwork, and much more.

Why Use Industrial Packing Peanuts

Industrial Packing peanuts can be used for storing your fragile items in your warehouse to keep them safe from any type of damage.  They are an excellent option for filling empty spaces inside packages that can help prevent your items from moving around while they are on the road. Use them to pack tightly your fragile items and ensure that they arrive safely and in perfect conditions to their final destination. You can combine our packing peanuts with other packaging material like packing paper or bubble roll  for better protection of your products.

Packing your boxes with packing peanuts can help improve the safety of your products when you are moving fragile items on a truck or containers. They can also keep your items separated when you apply one layer of packing peanuts inside your packages that can keep products from touching each other. You can use them to fill empty spaces in your products that can keep them protected from getting scratches or cracks.

Packing Peanuts Are Economical For Your Packaging Business

The industrial packaging material has become an economical option for many e-commerce companies for keeping products secure and protected during shipment or storage. They can be stored and easy to use because they are small and lightweight. Another advantage of using packing peanuts is that they won’t add up weight to your package making it more practical for your customers to receive their packages. Packing peanuts can be an appropriate and economical option for you to pack and ship out different types of products in the same package.

More Information
UPC 810042155848
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color White
Material Polystyrene
Product Type Shipping Supplies
Features / Highlights Use for lightweight non-fragile items, Absorb shocks, Fill void areas, Pack tightly, Lightweight cost-effective, Reusable
Country of Manufacture United States
Weight 3.600000
Product Length 1.750000
Product Width 0.300000
Product Height 0.300000
UOFFICE industrial packing peanuts are economical to fill large spaces in boxes without adding weight to shipments
The white shaped peanuts may be used to store items safely in the warehouse while waiting for shipment
This packaging material is a great choice for filling in spaces around odd shaped or grouped items
Peanuts may be used in the bottom of gardening pots to keep them lighter weight for draining and moving
This packing material is reusable for many different purposes including storing, shipping, crafts, and gardening
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