Dunnage Bag 36" x 48"

  • AAR Certified Inflatable StarBoxes Dunnage Bags 36"x48" sold by the single unit
  • Reduce freight rated and product damage with reusable Polywoven Dunnage Bags
  • Holds a US patent on Walk- Away Deflation to save on labor costs
  • Each bag fills to correct pressure automatically
  • Use both hands to fill the air in the bags - one for holding the bag and the other hand for inflating with the gun

  • Buy 10 for $7.30 each and save 59%
  • Buy 20 for $6.88 each and save 61%
  • Buy 30 for $6.29 each and save 65%

Polywoven Dunnage Bags by StarBoxes

Avoid damages caused by shifting of pallets, shipping boxes, and other cargo during transit by using StarBoxes Dunnage Bags. Simply insert the flat Dunnage Bags into the void area, inflate them to prevent the contents of trailers, sea vessels, and rail cars from swaying.

Cost-Effective Dunnage Bags

All polywoven inflatable Dunnage Bags are manufactured with reusability in mind. This feature allows for simply deflating the Dunnage Bags after use, store and inflate, and reuse them on your next shipping. The cost of the Dunnage Bags divided by the number of times they have been used could easily prove that Polywoven Dunnage Bags by StarBoxes could cost less than the lower-priced and one-time-use Kraft Paper Dunnage Bags. Storing of unused Polywoven Dunnage Bags does not require a large storage area when they are flattened. The Reusable Dunnage Bags are also by far less costly than the wood-bracing method in securing the cargo during transportation.

Leak-Proof Dunnage Bags

The StarBoxes’ Dunnage Bags are manufactured from sturdy polypropylene in exterior and Low Density Polypropylene, LDPE, bladder creating an airtight interior. All Dunnage Bags are equipped with pressure seal valves.  The valve’s function is to fill the Inflatable Dunnage Bags rapidly to a preset maximum level. The opening of each Dunnage Bags is connected to a chamber that directly extends to the opening of the interior, the bladder, where the pressurized air is stored.

The great selection of Dunnage Bags offered by StarBoxes is AAR Certified. The AAR Certification is the seal of approval by the Association of American Railroads for Dunnage Bags which are tested for being 100% leak-proof.

Free-Flo Inflation/Deflation System

The Free-Flo inflator gun makes the inflation and deflation of Dunnage Bags quick and easy without the need for skilled labor. Free-Flo Inflator is manufactured from rigid cast-iron offering a long-lasting solution to inflate or deflate Dunnage Bags. The Free-Flo Inflator Gun is designed with safety in mind especially in avoiding the over-inflation which may cause the bursting of the Dunnage Bags. The Free-Flo system allows the inflation of the Dunnage Bags only up to the appropriate level and upon reaching that level the excess air will flow from the back of the Free-Flo Inflator to alert the employees that the inflation has reached its maximum level. This is another built-in safety feature offered by the Free-Flo inflation/deflation gun. To deflate is even easier, just attach the Free-Flo Inflator/Deflator and walk away and the Free-Flo system will deflate the Dunnage Bags.

Flexible and  Waterproof Dunnage Bags

The StarBoxes’ Reusable Dunnage Bags are great in filling the void space when loading odd-shaped cargo.  Dunnage Bags could be employed to stabilize pallets by placing them on any side regardless of the shape or the size of the void area. The Polywoven Dunnage Bags are also water-proof reducing the risk of bags failure when exposed to water or moisture.

More Information
UPC 810042158962
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color White
Material Polywoven Material
Product Type Shipping Supplies
Features / Highlights Polywoven material, Reusable, Recyclable, Waterproof, Walk away deflate, Lightweight, AAR approved, Use a free flow inflator gun
Country of Manufacture United States
Weight 0.800000
Product Length 48.000000
Product Width 36.000000
Product Height 0.000000
Trailer should be cleaned of all debris and sources of puncture prior to using inflatable dunnage bags
The bag is full when air is escaping from the rear of the inflatable device
The free flo inflation/deflation tool is fast and easy to use and is sold separately
AAR Certified Polywoven Dunnage Bags are waterproof and recyclable
The last load position should always be secured with inflatable dunnage bags
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