Not All Dunnage Bags Are The Same

Why use Dunnage Bags
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Not All Dunnage Bags Are The Same
The Dunnage Bags by StarBoxes are the most logical and economical solution in reducing product damages during transit. The amazing capability of Dunnage Bags in load stabilization can hold up to the heaviest pressures from the shifting loads in the trucks, railcars, or sea vessel containers. StarBoxes Inflatable Dunnage Bags are lightweight yet sturdy enough to ensure the safety of your cargo during the most rigorous supply chain. The Polywoven Inflatable Dunnage Airbags are reusable air cushions that will pay for themselves with multiple usage opportunities while offering the best protection for your products. The re-usability of the StarBoxes’ Dunnage Bags is only one of the reasons for many shippers switching from Kraft Paper Dunnage Bags to more sturdy Polywoven Dunnage Bags. StarBoxes offers the Polywoven Dunnage Bags in a wide variety of sizes to meet your demanding packaging and shipping needs. The shipping store sells starter pack dunnage bags as well as volume discount pricing for larger quantities. Advantages to StarBoxes Polywoven Dunnage Bags:
  • Recyclable Dunnage Bags – Although the StarBoxes Dunnage Bags are reusable it is comforting to know that they are easily recyclable when it is time for replacing them
  • Reusable Polywoven Dunnage Bags – With enough care to keep the Polywoven Dunnage Bags away from nails and sharp corners you can significantly add to their lifespan making these dunnage bags cost saving.
  • Dunnage Bags Adapt to Different Spaces – The science behind the Dunnage Bags is trapping air in a bladder inside the layers of the polywoven exterior. The deflated Dunnage Bags are flat and easily adapt to any void space. After inserting the Dunnage Bags into the void area, they are inflated to firmly occupy the void space and keep the cargo in their place avoiding any movements and damages caused by shifting cargo
  • Waterproof Dunnage Bags – The polywoven exterior of StarBoxes’ Dunnage Bags makes them resistant to intrusion of water or humidity.
  • Leakproof AAR Certified Dunnage Bags – StarBoxes’ Dunnage Bags are Association of American Railroads, AAR Certified, which means they are tested to be leakproof and will provide the necessary dunnage required for securing the cargo shipped through railcars.
  • Quick and Easy Inflation/Deflation – The Dunnage Bags sold by StarBoxes are manufactured with Free-Flo System for rapid and easy inflation and deflation. The Free-Flo feature is easy to use and there is no need for skilled labor while it saves valuable packing and labor hours. For example, it takes a mere 4 seconds to inflate a 36:x36” StarBoxes Dunnage Bag
  • Dunnage Bags Inflation Tool - The Dunnage Bags Inflation Gun by StarBoxes is manufactured from cast aluminum for offering the ultimate rigidness
  • Economical Dunnage Bags – The reusable Dunnage Bags are very cost-effective offering a great solution when replacing the other methods of cargo protection such as the wood-bracing method. With Reusable Dunnage Bags all you need is to inflate them without a need to the construction of braces and tearing them down when unloading the cargo.
  • Cargo Protecting Dunnage Bags – The inflated Dunnage Bags prevent the cargo from any movement which may result in damages to the products. The shippers or manufacturers will have to absorb the cost of the damaged goods which has a direct effect on their bottom line. Another negative effect of the increase in receiving damaged products is the loss of customers who may switch to other sources for their purchase. Finally, this will also affect the workload of the customer service department that may increase the overtime hours or extra personnel. Considering all the above unnecessary expenses, the cost of the StarBoxes’ Dunnage Bags becomes a cost-effective alternative.
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