How To Pack Your Shipping Boxes?

Corugated Shipping Boxes
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How To Pack Your Shipping Boxes?

Preparing your shipping boxes for an international or national shipment can become a challenging task, especially if you don’t know where to start.  Choosing the proper packaging material for your packages can make a huge difference when it comes to the safety of your products.  Not protecting your fragile items can cause product damage along with an unhappy customer and money loss.  If you are still struggling with your packaging process, now is the time for you to learn how to keep your package secures with this helpful guide.

Choosing The Correct Packaging Material

  • Choose your shipping box - Purchasing brand new shipping boxes can help you ensure that they won’t tear or bend easily like old boxes.  We highly recommend that you choose a box that is strong enough to hold your shipping product.
  • Pick other packaging materials- For better protection of your item, you must consider choosing cushioning materials.  StarBoxes offers a wide variety of packaging materials like StarBoxes packing peanuts, foam wrap, or bubble wrap.  These types of packaging materials are ideal for you to wrap your product or to fill the empty spaces in your shipping boxes.
  • Packaging tape and labels- Choosing a strong sealing tape can ensure that your shipping boxes won’t open up during rough handling. Make sure that you completely seal the bottom of your box for better protection of your package. Using shipping labels for your package is a great option for you to identify the destination of each of your packages.

Steps For Packing Your Shipping Boxes


Now that you are ready to pack you need to have all of your supplies together along with the product that you want to ship.  This way you can plan your packing process easily and see how much packing supply you will require for the shipment.


To keep your product completely wrapped and secure follow these simple steps. First make sure that you lay your packaging material on a flat surface, after that you can place your product on the top.  Once finalized, you can start wrapping your item.  Make sure that you completely cover your item with this packaging material including edges or corners.  For better protection of your items, you can seal them with packaging tape.


Now that you are ready to pack you can reinforce that bottom of the box with packaging tape. You can cushion the bottom of the box with packing peanut or bubble cushion wrap.  After that, you can put your item into the shipping box.  Now that you finish packing you can fill the empty spaces with your packaging material.

Sealing and Labeling

Close and seal your box with packaging tape for you to prevent it from opening during shipment.  After you are done sealing your box, you can add the shipping label on the side of the box.  Labeling your boxes can help you identify them easily and also give special instructions to the carriers.

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