6 x 4 x 4" Corrugated Boxes

  • 6 x 4 x 4" shipping brown boxes that are sold in bulk of 25 for packing and shipping all types of products
  • Economical professional shipping boxes that can be used for your business shipping operations 
  • Corrugated boxes that keep your items completely secured and protected from shocks and vibrations
  • A practical way to pack and ship all types of products from your warehouse like clothing, toys, cosmetics, etc. 
  • Wholesale shipping boxes that are ideal for saving up money on packaging material and shipping cost
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  • Buy 100 for $0.72 each and save 45%
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6 x 4 x 4" Corrugated Boxes is available to buy in increments of 25

Find the Best Corrugated Boxes for Your Business

Are you a business owner and use corrugated boxes to pack and ship your products? You must find the best, ideal corrugated boxes that can meet your business needs.

Corrugated boxes have high demands for shipping different product items since these boxes are effective in preventing any damage. These boxes remain stable and sturdy when piled or stacked with other boxes and while in transit. Since the boxes are made from corrugated cardboard, you can expect that they can withstand pressures as well as heaviness.

As a business owner who ships products by using shipping boxes, you need to be more familiar with corrugated boxes and determine which type suits best your needs.


Corrugated boxes have different flute profiles such as A, B, C, E, and F.

  • A Flute - the largest and thickest among the flute profiles which is 5mm thick
  • B Flute - approximately 3.2 mm thick and commonly used for self-supporting products like canned goods
  • C Flute - roughly 4mm thick and has a slightly thicker board
  • E and F Flutes - 1.6mm and 0.88mm respectively and commonly used for retail packaging and shipping due to printability feature


Besides the flute profile, you also need to consider the types of boards used for corrugated boxes.

1. Single Face

A sheet of the liner is glued to another sheet of corrugated medium. This is commonly used in wrapping around items for complete cushioning or protection.

2. Single Wall

A sheet of the corrugated medium is adhered between the 2 liner sheets and is widely used for shipping boxes.

3. Double-Wall Boxes

2 sheets of the corrugated medium adhere between 3 liner sheets. This board is typically used for products that require stronger boxes.

4. Triple Wall

Three medium corrugated sheets are glued between four liner sheets. This is considered the most durable board.


Each type of corrugated box has its function or specialties. Below is a list of different kinds of corrugated boxes you can choose from in the market.

Regular Slotted Container

Being the most common style, you can find all the flaps having similar lengths while the two outer length flaps are half the width of the container. Then, the flaps will meet at the center once you close the box.

Full Overlap Container

Although it has similarities to RSC, both the outer flaps fully overlap one another to cover the container’s full width. It has wider flaps as well as extra thickness on the top and bottom to provide more protection.

One Piece Folder

A piece of the board is slotted and creased to be easily folded to a box having an unbroken and flat bottom. It offers a good shipping solution for books and other printed materials.

Full Telescope Design

This style consists of a separate top and bottom carton which can fit over each other along with flaps that join on the end panels. It creates two slotted and scored trays once pulled apart.

Before purchasing corrugated boxes, see to it that you are familiar with their types. That way, you will end up with the perfect corrugated boxes that you can use for particular products.

More Information
SKU BOX060404
UPC 810106510798
Product Length 6.000000
Product Width 4.000000
Product Height 4.000000
Size 6 x 4 x 4"
Style Rectangle
Product Type Corrugated Box
Features / Highlights Professional Grade, Manufactured Single Wall Corrugated Cardboard Construction, Lightweight 32 ECT 65Lbs Weight Limits, Regular Slotted Container (RSC) With Pre-Crease Flaps, Recyclable & Eco-Friendly Corrugated Carton
Material Cardboard
Color Brown
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Country of Manufacture United States
Corrugated boxes have plenty of uses that meet the demands of shipping needs
Both packers and shippers consider these boxes to have reliable stiffness and durable making them perfect for shipping breakable items
The design of the corrugated boxes is intended to be resistant to bending and withstand risks of damage
These corrugated boxes are robust, and their sturdiness gives peace of mind for retailers, manufacturers, and wholesalers during shipments
Corrugated boxes are among the most cost-effective solution for shipping because they are protective and lightweight
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