Industrial Tapes

Color coded tape
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Various Types of Industrial Tapes

Tapes are used in almost every business including shipping, storage, construction, renovation, aviation, electrical, plumbing, and directional tapes. StarBoxes is a leading volume supplier of tapes suitable for any industry. If you do not see the tape on our website please see other tapes and contact our tape specialist for a custom quote. Our business supply store offers volume pricing to help businesses save money as the business grows.
Packing Tapes
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The Differences in Packing Tapes

SAVE 10% - TAPE10 exp 12/02/19 Starboxes carries a wide selection of Packing Tapes and Carton Sealing Tapes with a good selection of quality products at the most competitive prices. Having the knowledge of using the right Packing tape for the right job is proven to be as important as the quality of the tapes. Save on bulk tape purchases today!
Carton Sealing Tapes For Boxes
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Shipping Boxes: Acrylic Tape Vs. Hot Melt Tape

Find the best shipping box tape for your package and shipping needs. StarBoxes has many wholesale tapes in bulk quantities. Choose the right tape for your shipping, industrial, or warehouse needs. Consult a packaging specialist for more information on StarBoxes tape assortment and how we can help you find the right product at wholesale prices to fit your packaging budet.