Shipping Boxes

Recycled Cardboard Gingerbread House
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Have fun this holiday creating a gingerbread house made from recycled moving boxes. Holidays are meant for gathering and spending quality time. Why not spend some get together around the table creating crafts to enjoy throughout the season?

Corugated Shipping Boxes
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How To Pack Your Shipping Boxes?

Knowing how to pack your shipping packages properly is very important in order to ensure the safety of your product. If you get stressed and worried every time you are packing your shipping products, then maybe it's time for you to learn new techniques to pack shipping boxes. Here in Starboxes, not only do we offer a wide variety of shipping boxes but we also provide our customers tips on how they can pack shipping boxes properly. Find a few tips here that can help improve your packaging process and also prevent product damage while it's on its way to its destination.
Shipping Boxes
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Shipping Boxes Wholesale

Buy wholesale shipping boxes and packing products in one packaging superstore. StarBoxes saves money and time with their packaging experts available for evaluating your business needs and custom quotes on larger orders. Great shipping product selection along with wholesale prices makes StarBoxes your source for all your shipping supplies.
Corrugated Flute C Boxes
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A Beginner’s Guide to C Flute Corrugated Shipping Boxes

The popular C flute corrugated boxes are the standard shipping boxes used in today's long distance shipping. Compared to B flute the C flute boxes are much thicker and stronger. There are about 41 flutes per foot in the common C flute. It is widely used for for packing food, manufacturers parts, and retail goods. It is reliable for printing and branding, providing cushioning, and stacking boxes.
Sizes of Shipping boxes
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How To Choose The Right Shipping Boxes

Choosing the right shipping boxes can save you money and prevent damages to goods. Do you need a flat boxes, tall boxes, or multi-depth boxes for shipping your goods to customers? Buying the wrong boxes can cost you extra in materials and shipping expenses. Contact one of our packaging specialists to get the right boxes for your shipping goods. Call 800-878-7703 to speak to a packaging specialist today.