Shipping Boxes: Acrylic Tape Vs. Hot Melt Tape

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Shipping Boxes: Acrylic Tape Vs. Hot Melt Tape
Acrylic Tape Vs. Hot Melt Tape: Which One Is Best for Your Shipping Needs There are plenty of tapes used for packing and shipping products. Acrylic tape and hot melt are among the commonly used. Each of them has specific benefits, so it necessary for you to determine which of the two can really meet your shipping requirements. In case you are not expert when it comes to tape, you may find it difficult to choose between the acrylic tape and hot melt tape that can work better for your packing package. Keep in mind that by choosing the right tape in preparing items for shipping, you can obtain proper protection, correct use, and professional presentation. To help you choose the best tape for your next shipping needs, you can take advantage of the technical comparison between the acrylic tape and hot melt tape. What Are the Characteristics of Acrylic Tape? An acrylic tape offers a broader temperature range compared to a hot melt tape, which ranges from 32˚F to 14˚F. This tape is perfect for applications that involve high or low humidity conditions. It offers a stronger resistance against oxidation, making it not affected by the exposure to the sunlight. Key Advantages:
  • Longer shelf life
  • Resistance to yellowing case by UV rays
  • Improved seal strength over time
  • Available in hand carton sealing rolls
  • More economical grade tape
  • Can be purchased in colored, tan, and clear rolls
What Are the Characteristics of Hot Melt Tape? A hot melt tape is known to withstand extremely high temperatures. Due to its excellent resistance to water, it can protect the item against any wet conditions. When compared to acrylic adhesive tape, it delivers a higher adhesion. It also offers an outstanding holding power along with tensile strength. This tape is perfect for applications that involve overstuffed cartons and machine applied tapes. It performs well in temperatures between 45˚F and 120˚F. Key Advantages:
  • Higher sheer
  • Quick initial tack
  • Consistent, easy release
  • Provides reliable seals
  • Comes in tan and clear rolls
  • Can be purchased in machine grade rolls and in hand grade carton sealing rolls
Which Tape Is Best for You A particular tape will work best for you according to your requirements. If you are looking for a tape that offers you flexibility, excellent adhesion, strength, and efficacy in varying applications, the hot melt tapes are perfect for you. However, if you seek for tapes that can help you will be packaging and shipping applications that involve humidity and sealing boxes that need to stay in the warehouse for an extended period of time, acrylic adhesive tapes are what you need. Both acrylic tape and hot melt tape offer competitive price, making it possible for you to save a significant amount of money in shipping your products. You can take advantage of a wholesale selection of StarBoxes in order for you to have a cost-effective shipping solution. StartBoxes offers a wide selection of tapes you can use for your shipping needs. Take advantage of their acrylic tape and hot melt tape wholesale deals and save money!
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