Tips to Reduce Shipping Supply Costs

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Tips to Reduce Shipping Supply Costs

Tips on Lowering the Shipping Costs

With today’s extreme competition in eCommerce, the online shops are forced to constantly face the pressure on lowering the price to stay competitive. Lower prices mean less profit and the only way to survive in this market remains in cutting costs of doing business. Considering the increasing number of small home-based online businesses there are not many costs to be cut but packaging and shipping costs. This cost-cutting measure is not exclusive to small businesses and most larger companies also benefit from lowering their shipping costs.  

How Packaging Can Affect the Shipping Costs

The first advantage of correct packaging is the decrease in the return of the products due to damages caused during transit. Additionally having a comprehensive packaging procedure could result in the reduction of the shipping costs. Consider the following examples on how packaging could directly increase or decrease the shipping costs:
  • Shipping Boxes Too SmallMost products need packing materials like Bubble Cushioning Rolls, Packing Peanuts or Air Pillows. Using Shipping Boxes that are too small does not leave enough space for the protective packing supplies resulting in shifting of the goods and arrival of damaged products
  • Shipping Boxes are Too Large Generally, the Large and Extra-Large Shipping Boxes are ideal for shipping of bulky yet lightweight items. When packing heavier or fragile products the correct size of the Shipping Boxes is instrumental in the safe delivery of the goods. If Shipping Boxes are too large for the contents it will create a much larger void area resulting in the movement of the contents. Also, you will need much more than usual Packing Materials to secure the products in larger than necessary Shipping Boxes. This means an increase in the shipping costs which could easily be avoided
  • Incorrect Shipping Boxes or ContainersNot every product needs to be shipped in the Shipping Boxes. There are many items such as apparel or paper products that can be easily shipped in the lightweight and less costly Poly Bubble Mailers or Kraft Bubble Mailers. The Bubble Mailers offer great interior cushioning to protect the contents without the need for additional Packing Supplies
  • Odd Shaped Shipping Boxes Always consult all carriers when shipping products in odd-shaped Shipping Boxes. If possible, avoid using odd-shaped, non-standard Shipping Boxes which may result in additional shipping fees by carriers.
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