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Dunnage Bag 36 x 66

  • Inflatable reusable Polywoven Air Filled Dunnage Bags 36"x66" Sold individulally
  • Reduce the product damages and freight costs by utilizing the lightweight yet sturdy Freight Saver Dunnage Bags in securing the cargo
  • Avoid the over-inflation of the Dunnage Bags and release the trigger as soon as air starts escaping from the rear of the inflator gun
  • Dunnage Bags can fill a large void area between the contents with a minimal addition to the weight of the cargo
  • Lightweight Dunnage Bags are Sturdy, Waterproof, and Recyclable
  • Buy 10 for $7.95 each and save 58%
  • Buy 20 for $7.45 each and save 61%
  • Buy 30 for $6.99 each and save 63%

Advantages of Dunnage Bags

Dunnage Bags are cleverly designed to brace the loads in the trucks and railcars in order to reduce the risk of in-transit movements which are the main reason for damages to cargo. Dunnage Bags have many advantages over the previously method of wood-bracing the loads:

  • 36" x 66" Dunnage Bags for Void FillDunnage Bags are inflated to perfectly occupy the void area between the pallets or other loads. The flexibility of the Inflatable Dunnage Bags allows them to adapt to odd-shaped cargo and void areas.
  • Absorbing VibrationsThe Dunnage Bags are superior to other methods of load-bracing such as wood. The dunnage bags absorb shocks and vibrations.
  • Reusable Dunnage Bags There are many different 36"x66" Dunnage Bags designs on the market from the lower-priced Kraft Dunnage Bags to StarBoxes’ reusable Poly Woven Dunnage Bags. These Dunnage Bags are easily flattened and stored after each use reducing the cost of the Dunnage Bags through multiple usage.
  • Lower Insurance Costs with Dunnage Bags – Continuous delivery of damaged cargo has a direct effect on shippers’ insurance premiums affecting the bottom-line of the business in a highly competitive industry. While higher labor or fuel costs are difficult to manage the use of the Dunnage Bags when used properly will reduce the number of insurance claims.
  • Increase Customer LoyaltyCapturing and keeping new customers is a daily challenge for the shipping and trucking industries. The increase in the delivery of in-transit damaged cargo will eventually lead to losing the hard-earned customer loyalty. Correct loading, securing the cargo and void fill is possible by the use of the StarBoxes Poly Woven Dunnage Bags
  • Dunnage Bags are Easy to Use - Unlike the older methods of bracing, using lumber and nails, the use of the Dunnage Bags does not require carpentry or any special employee skills while delivering a superb cargo-bracing functionality.
  • Loading of Fragile Skids with Dunnage Bags In the past, safe loading a combination of fragile and non-fragile cargo was only possible with stair-stepping. With the use of Polywoven Dunnage Bags, the fragile skids could be loaded anywhere in the trailer allowing the maximum utilization of the space and reducing the costs by freeing up more cargo space for additional loads.
  • Reduced Risk of Over-Inflation of Dunnage Bags Bursting of 36" x 66" Dunnage Bags are mainly due to over-inflation. The Dunnage Bags offered by StarBoxes are inflated with a Free-Flo Inflator Gun which is designed to redirect the air to the back of the device when the desired inflation level has been reached.
More Information
UPC 028672858705
Brand StarBoxes
Weight 1.1300
Country of Manufacture United States
Color White
Material Polywoven Material
Ever since their introduction in 1970 the Dunnage Bags have offered an economical solution in stabilizing cargo in the shipping containers
Up to 25% of the truck accidents are attributed to unsafe loading of the containers which could be avoided by the use of the Dunnage Bags
The deflating of StarBoxes’ Freight Saver Dunnage Bags is made simple with our patented Walk-Away Deflation feature
Dunnage Bags are known with different names such as Inflatable Bags, Air Cushion sand Airbags
Sold Separately StarBoxes offers an aluminum inflators equipped Free-Flo Inflation/Deflation technology to automatically inflate Dunnage Bags to correct pressure
Single Boxes 18 x 14 x 4