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Anti Static Packing Peanuts - 3.5 cuft.

  • Anti Static Packing Peanuts
  • 3.5 Cubic Feet (Uncompressed) packing peanuts to protect electronic appliances from static exposure, lowering the potential of damage
  • Reusable lightweight void filling peanuts that weigh less in comparison to other packaging supplies cutting cost on your postage
  • Great for packing and shipping breakable products as loose-fill offers additional protection with its durability
  • Ships in compressed bag/box these polystyrene peanuts are fast and easy to dispense
  • Anti-static packing peanuts manufactured into an interlocking "S" shape to prevent items from settling to the bottom 

Anti Static Packing Peanuts - 3 cuft.- Discounted Prices and

More Information
UPC 766897401657
Weight 0.900000
Brand StarBoxes
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color Pink
Material Polystyrene
Features / Extra Information Protect electronics, anti static void fill, Economical, Protect irregular shapes, Easy to use, reusable, Lightweight, Damage reduction shipping
Country of Manufacture United States
Pink Anti-Static Packing Peanuts- 3.5 Cubic Feet. The best option to pack and protect your most fragile items from getting damaged.
Manufactured in the United States with a lightweight material that does not add to shipping fee. Can be reused by many shipping and packaging industries.
Cushioning material that can be used for filling empty spaces in boxes and bags, packing smaller objects into a bigger box and protecting fragile items like glassware, artwork, electronic devices or statues.
Packing peanuts that helps keep your goods compressed and protected from vibrations during transportation. You can provide a more secure shipping of your products at a low cost.
Anti static material is suitable for packing and shipping electronics and avoiding static electricity
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