40 lb. Kraft Paper Roll - 6" x 765'

  • 40 lb. Wholesale Kraft Paper Roll - 6" x 765'
  • Kraft paper rolls are useful to fill voids in boxes when moving or shipping
  • Kraft paper rolls make great menu's, grocery lists, holiday runners, and many more uses
  • There are countless kids arts and craft projects with kraft paper rolls
  • Useful for party decorations, wrapping plant starters, or cover for painting projects

What is Kraft paper

Kraft paper is a packaging material that was designed with high tear resistance compared to other packing paper. This packaging paper is made out of wood pulp that helps increase its durability and strength.  You may think that kraft paper can only be used for the industrial application, but  in fact the kraft paper roll is a versatile product that  can used for different  types of applications around the house.  In this article we are going to demonstrate how to use Kraft paper in your house.

How to use Kraft paper

Learn how to use our brown kraft paper to play with your kids or to protect walls, doors, and floors when when you are remodeling your home. Here is a list of different activities you can enjoy doing at home with our Kraft paper.

Kraft Paper Christmas decorations

Make christmas season more fun  with your children by making your own christmas ornaments, table clothes, and gift wrap to decorate your home. Give your tree a rustic look in an easy fun way for kids to make different seasonal items. All you have to do is add crayons, paint, markers, rubber stamps, or embellishments to create with imagination. Crafting is a fun way to bring the family joy of getting together and creating memorable holidays.

Kraft paper for Jumbo Roses

A creative way to make your own paper Jumbo roses for a party, baby shower, wedding or as a home decoration. You can add texture or pattern like dots to your flowers by printing your own design or making them with your own craft paint. After you cut the kraft paper into petals you can use hot glue and stapler to put your petals together and make your flower.  For a better understanding you can check online tutorials on how to make flowers with kraft paper.  Flowers from the garden or florist shops can wrap flowers in kraft paper and twine to make a nice packaging presentation for the person receiving the bouquet.

Use kraft paper as a wall mural

Decorate your studio or bedroom walls by covering them with our kraft paper. An easy way to keep your kid’s walls clean and create an art space for them. You can place your wall mural in different styles it all depends how you want it. You may purchase a wall or table mount craft dispenser to tear off as necessary. 

Kraft paper for book covers

A fun way to keep your books and kid’s textbooks protected and clean. You can stamp printed designs or create your own painted prictures or words on the kraft paper to cover school books or home library books. Covering books has never been so easy all you need is scissors, tape or glue and some imagination. Brown kraft paper is sold in different sizes and weights.

Using Kraft Paper For Weed Control In the Garden

An inexpensive way to block weeds and keep the soil moisture in your garden with the use of 6" kraft paper. Helps prevent your garden bed from drying out and water blockage by just covering it with kraft paper and several layers of mulch. At the end of flower season just add some compost and all materials will be biodegradable for the following year.

More Information
SKU KRAFT4072006
UPC 810106512426
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color Brown
Material Wood Pulp
Features / Information durable and tear-resistant, eco-friendly, wrap and pack, economical, protective void fill, different kraft paper weights
Country of Manufacture United States
Weight 4.800000
Product Length 765.000000
Product Width 6.000000
Product Height 0.000000
40 pounds of Kraft Paper Roll with size 6" X 720'. Popular packing material that is great for wrapping your individual items for shipping.
UOFFICE wholelsale Kraft paper roll is made with a strong material that makes it more durable compared to other paper alternatives.
Protect the surface of your walls and floors from dirt and damage during construction or home remodeling.
Used for many commercial and industrial applications because of its strength and is affordable.
Covers all of your packaging needs that helps you save money and time when you’re or shipping boxes.
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