Large Bubble 65' x 48" Wide 1/2" Wrap

  • Large Bubble Cushioning Wrap 65' x 48" with 1/2" air bubbles
  • Large Wide Bubble Cushion is a smooth safe packing material for packers
  • Fast and efficient with tear sheets for packing shipping boxes
  • Bubble rolls are cheap and lighter weight to save on shipping costs
  • Pack goods, winterize homes, protect greenhouses, and designer accessories

  • Buy 2 for $80.59 each and save 4%
  • Buy 4 for $77.23 each and save 8%

Protecting Products With Bubble Cushion Wrap

Bubble cushion wrap has become a great choice for keeping products protected during movement. Its air-filled bubbles provide effective protection to delicate products that help absorb shocks and vibrations.  You may wonder why you should choose bubble roll instead of other packaging materials.  Transporting your goods from one place to another can require extra care in order to avoid product damage.  Learn more about our bubble cushion wrap rolls and how they can benefit your company.

  • Keeps your products protected - One of the main benefits of using bubble roll wrap is that it helps protect your items by taking the pressure away. The air-filled bubbles help absorb vibrations during transportation.  Our bubble rolls come in various sizes for you to choose from according to the size and weight of your products
  • Lightweight packaging material - Bubble cushion wrap has a structure of air-filled bubbles with a  lightweight plastic that can help you save money on your freight cost.  This packaging material is perfect when you are shipping in bulk since it won’t increase the weight of your packages.
  • Flexible packaging material - Starboxes bubble cushion wrap can be used according to your needs. It can be used in your office, business, and home applications like storage, shipment, insulation, and much more.  You can use it to wrap different types of items no matter their shape.
  • An easy and fast way to wrap and protect - This packaging material is so easy to use that it will help you save time wrapping your products. Using bubble rolls is not as complicated as it seems since you won’t require a special tool or equipment
  • Affordable packaging material - Another benefit of using bubble rolls is that they are highly affordable and they can help you save money on your packaging needs.
  • Durable protection - Bubble cushion wrap is made of polyethylene material that makes it durable and can be stored away for a long period.

In conclusion, bubble roll wraps can be a great investment for your packaging needs. It can help you prevent product damage and save money at the same time.  So next time you need to ship out a package you should consider using bubble rolls.

More Information
SKU BUBLR0480065
UPC 810106512402
Weight 5.000000
Size 65' x 48"
Material Polyethylene
Color Clear
Large bubble roll size 65' Ft long X 48 In wide, with ½" air bubbles. Larger bubbles that provides extra protection to your objects during transportation
Transparent plastic material made of polyethylene that works as a protective layer against any impact during shipping, storage or relocation
Protect and secure your most valuable items from damage like cracks, breakage, scratches etc. Lightweight material that is resistant to moisture and also works as a good insulator
Manufactured in the United States. Easy to wrap items and fill in empty spaces that secures your items at a low cost and lightweight for shipping.
Ideal for wrapping fragile and larger household items like furniture, glasses, TV’s, ceramic, painting etc
Features / Information Lightweight, Transparent, Perforated, Moisture and water-resistant, Durable and Elastic, Good insulation properties, Protective and Reusable, Easy to use
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Country of Manufacture United States
Product Length 65.000000
Product Width 48.000000
Product Height 0.500000
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