Packing with Bubble Rolls

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Packing with Bubble Rolls
Ever since the 1960 introduction of the Bubble Rolls to the market, their use in the shipping industry and manufacturers has been on the rise year after year.  The main concept of the surface protection, void-fill, and cushioning has remained the same while different length and width of the Bubble Rolls, as well as Bubble Pouches, have been added.  The idea has also extended from the original polyethylene to the most environment-friendly Kraft-Backed Bubble Rolls.  The advantages of using Bubble Rolls include:
  • Cushioning – The trapped air in the Bubble Rolls creates a great cushioning agent when wrapped around the items or used around the Moving Boxes to increase the protection level
  • Forming to the Shape of Items – The flexibility of the Bubble Rolls allows them to easily form to the shape of most items and cover them almost entirely for a maximum level of protection
  • Durability – While the bubble side of the Bubble Rolls hugs the contents to safeguard them the exterior flat side is a strong shield against impacts
  • Size Variety – StarBoxes Bubble Rolls are offered in three sizes of Small, Medium and Large, which refers to the size of the air bubbles in each roll. The Small and Medium Bubble Rolls are more flexible to wrap around small and multi-surface or curved items while the Large Bubble Rolls are perfect in offering a great level of cushioning as well as contributing as void-fill agents
  • Cost-Effective Packing Supply – The Bubble Rolls reduce the risk of damages to the contents better than other costly packing materials and fewer reimbursements due to breakage will easily justify the cost of the Bubble Rolls
  • Improved Customer Service – The reduction in the returns of the shipped merchandise means less cost to the shippers and manufacturers while improving the company’s brand and reducing the interaction with the customer service department. The lower the number of the calls to the customer service department the better is the image of the company

StarBoxes Bubble Roll Selections

Alongside the best prices and free shipping, StarBoxes offer a vast selection of sizes as well as
  • StarBoxes Small Bubble Rolls The 12” wide Small Bubble Rolls are offered on both 50’ and a75’ long rolls while the 24” while Bubble Rolls are offered only in 175’. The all the Small Bubble Rolls are perforated every 12” and the thickness of the rolls remains at 3/16”
  • StarBoxes Medium Bubble Rolls The Medium Bubble Rolls are offered in 12” and 24” wide rolls. The 12” wide rolls are either 30’ or 100’ while the 24” is 100’ and all rolls are perforated every 12”
  • StarBoxes Large Bubble RollsStarBoxes offers the Large Bubble Rolls in both 15’ and 65’ long with the width of 12” for both lengths while the 65’ rolls offered in 24” width as well. All rolls are perforated every 12”
  • StarBoxes Colored Bubble RollsFor brand recognition use a fancier method of packaging with these Colored Bubble Rolls. The 12” wide rolls are 30’ long and offered in three beautiful colors of Red, Blue and Green
  • StarBoxes Kraft-Backed Bubble RollsThese rolls are most cost-effective protective packing supplies and are offered in 12”, 24” and 48” wide rolls. All Kraft-Backed Bubble Rolls are 125’ long but the 12” rolls also offered in 250’ long rolls as well
  • StarBoxes Bubble PouchesAn excellent packing roll in the shipping of fragile items, the Bubble Pouches are equipped with self-adhesive strips for quick and secure packing. The Bubble Pouches are offered in packs of 50 and in 4 sizes of: 4” x 5.5”, 6” x 8.5”. 8” x 11.5” and 15” x 17.5”
  • StarBoxes Pink Anti-Static Bubble Rolls - Use to pack electronics for static protection. The rolls come in 12" wide and varying lengths
Product Width Length Perforation
Small Bubble Rolls 12” 175’, 350', 700', 1400', 2800', & 4200’ 12”
Small Bubble Rolls 24” 175’, 350', 700', 1400' 12”
Small Bubble Rolls 48” 175’, 350', 700' 12”
Medium Bubble Rolls 12” 100’, 200’, 400', 800', 1600', 2400' 12”
Medium Bubble Rolls 24” 100’, 200', 400' & 800' 12”
Medium Bubble Rolls 48” 100’, 200' & 400’ 12”
Large Bubble Rolls 12” 65’, 130', 250', 500', 750', & 1000’ 12”
Large Bubble Rolls 24” 65’, 125', 250, & 500' 12”
Large Bubble Rolls 48” 65’, 130', 260' 12”
Colored Bubble Rolls 12” 60’ 12"
Kraft-Backed Bubble Rolls 12” 125’ & 250’
Kraft-Backed Bubble Rolls 24” 125’ & 250'
Kraft-Backed Bubble Rolls 48” 125’
Anti-Static Bubble Rolls 12” 175’, 350', & 700'
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