Medium Bubble 400' x 12" Wide 5/16" Wrap

  • Medium Bubble  Roll 400' x 12" (4 Rolls of 100')
  • Perforated every 12" for easy packing
  • Bubbles are medium sized at 5/16"
  • Useful for shipping retail products
  • Bubble rolls come in a variety of sizes and lengths

Medium Bubble Roll Wrap

Medium Bubble Rolls are one of the most versatile packing supplies used by many professional movers, packing companies, shippers, online stores as well as most everyone who had mailed a fragile item or moved their household to another location. The popularity of the Bubble Roll Wraps has never slowed down since their conception and the discovery of any additional use has only added to the popularity.

Some of the reasons for the popularity if the Bubble Roll Wrap include:

  • Affordability of the Bubble Roll – Considering the amount of the protection the Medium Bubble Rolls offer in lowering the risks of breakage and other damages of valuable items, the cost is very minimal when compared to the cost of the possible damages.

  • The Flexibility of the Bubble Rolls – Bubble Medium Wraps could form to any size and shape covering anything from furniture, large flat screen TV sets to small items like kitchen gadgets, dishes, drinking glasses and more.

  • The Versatility of the Bubble Roll Wrap are categorized by the size of their bubbles, the larger the bubble the more cushioning and protection they offer.

  • Smaller Bubble Roll Wraps - are great for protecting many items from lamps, jewelry, dishes to cameras and electronics.

  • Larger Bubble Rolls - could be used to cover and protect furniture and other larger household items and fill in the void areas inside the Shipping  Boxes when wrapped around the contents.

Repurposing Medium Bubble Roll Wrap

Ever since the invention of the Bubble Rolls by two engineers in 1957, the use of the Bubble Medium Wraps has grown alongside the discovery of many additional uses for them. Ironically, Bubble Roll Wrap was an incidental discovery when the two engineers tried to glue two shower curtains to create a new form of the wallpaper. While the main idea never had any legs but the unintended consequences resulted in the creation of the Bubble Rolls with air-filled pockets and the rest is history.

  • Use Bubble Rolls in Gardening – The outdoor potted plants become very vulnerable to cold and freeze during the winter time. Simply cover the plant containers with a layer of the Bubble Roll Wrap and make sure to bring up the Bubble Roll to a few inches above the edge of the containers. The Bubble Roll will keep the pots and the soil warm all through the cold days and the plants have a great chance of survival as long as the soil is not frozen

  • Bubble Roll Wraps as Insulation – While on the topic of the winter and cold days, the Bubble Rolls make the most economical insulation for all windows. Cut the Bubble Rolls to the size of the window frame and secure them with tape to insulate all windows from the cold and cold drafts all through the winter months

  • Bubble Roll Wrap as Beverage Insulation – Wrap your beer and colas in a layer of the Bubble Roll for an easy home-made beverage insulator.

  • Bubble Roll Wrap for Frozen Food – Going to grocery stores or picnic? Use Bubble Roll Wraps to cover the frozen food and Ice cream or simply layer the interior of your grocery bags with a layer of the Bubble Roll.

  • Bubble Roll Wraps in the Fridge – Line the crispers of your refrigerator with a piece of Bubble Roll to create a protective layer to prevent the fruits and vegetables from bruising. When it’s time to clean the drawers just replace the Bubble Roll with a new perforated sheet.

  • Bubble Roll Wraps for Shoes and Purses – Stuff the inside of your handbags, shoes, and boots with Bubble Roll to keep their shapes just like the day you bought them

More Information
SKU BUBMD0120400
UPC 810106512099
Weight 7.000000
Size 400' x 12"
Product Type Bubble Cushioning
Material Polyethylene
Color Clear
Many businesses use bubble products to ship and protect consumer goods
Home uses for repurposing medium bubble include protecting plants, covering gardening tool handles, and insulating windows
When packing use the bubble side against the fragile item and flat surface facing outward
No scissors necessary with perforated medium bubble rolls
Use packing tape to secure when packing around an item
Features / Highlights Lightweight, Transparent, Perforated, Moisture and water-resistant, Durable and Elastic, Good insulation properties, Protective and Reusable, Easy to use
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Country of Manufacture United States
Product Length 400.000000
Product Width 12.000000
Product Height 0.312500
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