Medium Bubble 200' x 24" Wide 5/16" Wrap

  • Medium Bubble 200' x 24" Wide 5/16" Roll (2 Rolls 100-Feet each)
  • Grade A defense for safeguarding all your commodities in transit
  • User-friendly dependable padding with more air and bigger bubbles for security needs
  • A bubbled side made to anchor and hold objects more thoroughly
  • A flat side made to adhere to tape effortlessly that can be written upon 
  • The bubble Roll is perforated every 12" for better use.

Benefits Of Packing With Bubble Cushion Wrap

Before purchasing packaging material for your products it is important to consider doing quick research, in order for you to see which packaging material is more suitable for your needs. Bubble cushion wrap is one of the top worldwide choices when it comes to wrapping and protecting items. Discover some of the benefits that bubble rolls have and why you should consider using the air-filled wrap next time you are shipping out your products.


  • Ensure the safety of your products - Starboxes medium bubble cushion wrap works as an excellent layer of protection for your fragile items during transportation. Its air-filled bubbles provide superior protection against severe impacts and regular accidents that can occur while they are on the road.  This packaging material can be used for multiple purposes when it comes to ensuring the safety of your products like filling in voids in shipping boxes.
  • Ideal for packaging different types of items - Medium bubble cushion wrap can be an excellent solution for packaging large and irregular-shaped objects.  StarBoxes bubble rolls are available in various sizes for you to wrap in different size goods.  This type of packaging material is ideal for wrapping fragile items like ceramic, artwork, electronic devices, glassware, and much more.
  • Lightweight packaging material - Another advantage of using bubble rolls is that it won’t add to your package weight, which makes it perfect for you to make international shipments.
  • Practical and fun to use - Wrapping your items with medium bubble cushion wrap is as simple as it seems since it doesn’t require a  special skill or tool, all you have to do is wrap your products and secure them with sealing tape for better protection. Its air-filled bubbles can make your packaging process fun while you are wrapping your items.
  • A cost-effective solution - Ensuring the safety of your products can be an economical option that can also help you save money on product damage at the same time.  Bubble cushion wrap is a cost-effective packaging material that can be used for multiple purposes in your home, warehouse, school, and office.
More Information
SKU BUBMD0240188
UPC 810106512143
Weight 8.000000
Material Polyethylene
Color Clear
Medium Bubble Roll size 200' X 24", Wide 5/16" Roll (2 Rolls 100-Feet Each). Provides an excellent cushioning to your most valuable items from external impacts during transit.
Made of polyethylene material that helps protect and secure your items from surface damages including scratches, breakage, and cracks
Wrap and protect your packages and items like glassware, ceramic, artwork, TV’s, electronic devices, chinaware, and dishes
Fabricated with a flexible and transparent plastic material that is easy to handle, good insulator, and reduces freight cost compared to other packaging materials
Ideal for commercial and packaging industries to protect goods and reduce damages or returns
Features / Information Lightweight, Transparent, Perforated, Moisture and water-resistant, Durable and Elastic, Good insulation properties, Protective and Reusable, Easy to use
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Country of Manufacture United States
Product Length 200.000000
Product Width 24.000000
Product Height 0.312500
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