24 x 24 x 24" Corrugated Boxes

  • 24 x 24 x 24" Corrugated Cube Boxes that are ideal for packing and shipping multiple items
  • Boxes cultivated with greater durability because of their multilayered corrugation
  • Shipping boxes that take into account the factors of sliding, drop, and weather damages when made
  • The lighter weight of corrugated boxes does away with large shipping surcharges per cargo load
  • Each corrugated box can be considered a vacant surface for customized labeling or printing
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24 x 24 x 24" Corrugated Boxes is available to buy in increments of 5

Choosing the Right Size Wholesale Shipping Boxes

Choosing the right size Wholesale Shipping Boxes is detrimental to the safe delivery of the products. In addition, the weight of Shipping Boxes has a direct effect on shipping costs. Using larger than necessary Shipping Boxes will add to shipping costs and will require additional packing supplies like Packing Peanuts or Packing Foams. These supplies are known as cushioning agents and are used to minimize the void space responsible for damages to the contents of Shipping Boxes during transit. However, it is important to note that all boxes need to be larger than the contents in order to leave enough room for cushioning packing supplies.

Shape and Size of Shipping Boxes

After determining what size best suits a specific product we shall examine if there is a special shaped box that can also minimize the void space. For example, tall boxes will make more sense than typical square boxes when packing a lamp. Consequently, choosing the shape first and looking for the right size in that shape-category will help find the right Shipping Boxes for the right job. StarBoxes offers the following shapes for Shipping Boxes each in a variety of sizes:

  • Cube Shipping Boxes – as the name implies, all sides of the cube boxes are the same. The Cube Boxes are manufactured from sturdy corrugated cardboard sheets. The wide selection of sizes becomes very helpful in choosing the right Shipping Boxes for different size products. Cube Boxes are great for shipping small items like jewelry to larger items like apparel.

  • Flat Shipping Boxes – Similar to Cube boxes but with a shorter height. The Flat Boxes offer less chance for contents to shift resulting in reducing the risk of damages. Flat Boxes work great for shipping delicate items and offer more secure shipping than most other boxes.

  • Tall Shipping Boxes – These boxes are taller in height than length and width. Tall Boxes opening can be wider from top or bottom. The smaller opening reduces the risk of bursting at the closing.

  • Long shipping Boxes – Are perfect for packing and shipping of elongated products that require to be stored or shipped on their sides. The opening of these boxes is on their longest side to accommodate the packing of items that need extra attention to be secured with additional packing supplies.

  • Multi-Dept Shipping Boxes – These wholesale multi-depth boxes are very popular when shipping different products that slightly vary in sizes. The wholesale multi-depth boxes simply allow the use of one type of the box for shipping of products in different sizes. This unique function reduces the need to purchase and store many different size boxes. Wholesale multi-depth boxes can easily adapt to the size of different items by folding the sides to match the required size.

  • Heavy–Duty Shipping Boxes - Heavy-Duty Shipping boxes are manufactured with double-wall corrugate sheets capable of handling products up to 75 lbs. Most typical corrugated boxes are 32ECT, which means can handle products up to 65 lbs or 32 pounds per square inch. This strength is normally sufficient for the packing of a vast variety of products. However, there are heavier products that may need Heavy-Duty Shipping Boxes when 32ECT corrugated boxes are deemed incapable of handling the weight.

Sizes of Shipping Boxes

Sizes of Shipping Boxes are important for correct packing of products and most importantly to comply with the carriers’ guidelines. These guidelines refer to shipping costs based on weight and size as well as the restriction on the maximum weight and size. StarBoxes offers quality Shipping Boxes by Size in hundreds of options in-stock and ready for quick shipping. Always refer to local carries specifications before ordering boxes of very large in size or when planning to pack very heavy items.

More Information
SKU BOX242424
UPC 810106511504
Product Length 24.000000
Product Width 24.000000
Product Height 24.000000
Size 24"x24"x24"
Style Cube
Product Type Corrugated Box
Features / Highlights Professional Grade, Manufactured Single Wall Corrugated Cardboard Construction, Lightweight 32 ECT 65Lbs Weight Limits, Regular Slotted Container (RSC) With Pre-Crease Flaps, Recyclable & Eco-Friendly Corrugated Carton
Material Cardboard
Color Brown
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Country of Manufacture United States
UOFFICE Corrugated containers provides an excellent cushion for the consistent shipping and handling process
Shipping boxes that secure products from moisture and offer a sustainable packaging option
Robust and durable boxes manufactured from premium corrugated fiberboard material
Boxes are distributed flat packed which require smaller storage room when collapsed
Corrugated boxes with tear resistant properties to safeguard goods from exposure
Weight 4.200000
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