King Mattress Cover - 10 Pk

  • UBMOVE clear King Mattress Covers FOR MOVING that aim to protect mattresses while in transport
  • Dimension: 76 x 15 x 104 inch for each king mattress cover
  • Case of 10 vent holes within covers
  • Wholesale 2 Mil Thick plastic covers that have superior protection while moving or storing king-size mattresses
  • Mattress protector made with a polyethylene material and is resistant to punctures, tears, spills, sweat, dirt, dust, or harsh weather elements

Why You Should Consider Using A Mattress Cover

A mattress can be an important accessory in your home that needs to be treated with additional care during transportation or storage. Taking care of your mattress and ensuring its safety can be really easy with StarBoxes plastic mattress covers.  This type of mattress bag can help keep your mattress clean and ensure that it stays in perfect condition while moving or renovating.  Investing in the protection of your most valuable item can help you have a better and healthier sleep. Find out more about our mattress covers and how they can protect your mattress investment and good nights' sleep while moving.

Mattress Bags Are An Economical Choice For Protecting Mattresses

Using a mattress bag can be an economical alternative for keeping your mattress protected from weather conditions, bed bugs, and other environmental factors while moving or placing it in storage.  Purchasing a mattress cover can help prevent damages from stains, weather, and dirt.  Not only it can help safeguard your investment but provide a sense of relief knowing the hygiene of your mattress has been protected.  StarBoxes plastic mattress bags can keep your mattress clean from sweat, pet hair, fleas, bed bugs, food crumbs, dust mites, and much more.

You can use mattress bags for protecting your mattress when you are moving out, remodeling your home, or for long-term storage.  This 2Mil mattress plastic bag can be easy to slide on your floors when you are moving your mattress from one place to another.  The tear-resistant plastic cover is easy to slip on and off while securing the end with tape. The cost of a cover is minimal compared to getting damages to your expensive mattresses.

Buy Bulk Plastic Mattress Covers For Moving or Storage Business

Movers can buy plastic mattress covers in bulk for king, queen, full, or twin beds. StarBoxes also stocks a full line of furniture covers for the sofa and couch to help keep loads safe and maintain your business reputation. Bulk plastic mattress covers are economical and protect movers from accidental mishaps while in transit. 

In conclusion, using 2 Mil mattress plastic bags for your mattress can ensure its safe delivery when you are moving out, storing, or remodeling your home. Ensuring the safety of your valuable mattresses can provide you better and healthier sleep in your new home.

More Information
UPC 810042159921
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color Clear
Material polyethylene
Features / Information Furniture protector, Polyethylene material, 2 Mil thickness
Country of Manufacture United States
Weight 30.000000
Product Length 104.000000
Product Width 76.000000
Product Height 15.000000
Avoid dust, dirt, bugs, and mold when transporting your mattress during a shipping with UOFFICE mattress cover
Use these king size mattress covers to protect your mattress during renovations and painting
These plastic mattress covers are made with a 2 mil thick polyethylene material
Seal these mattress bags with tape to fully protect it from damp weather during transit
Size pack of mattress covers will protect king size mattresses and order box spring covers to protect the base
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