Corrugated Wrap 24" x 250' x 1/8" Thick B Flute

  • Corrugated Wrap 24" x 250' x 1/8" Thick B Flute
  • Single-faced corrugated wrap is an inexpensive option to wrap products for transit 
  • Cushion products with corrugated rolls to prevent chips, dents, and damage during a move
  • Corrugated wrap that supplies quality crush-resistant properties
  • Great as dividers, partitions, and padding for fragileitems xthat require inner packing 

The Future of Corrugated Paper: Advancements and Trends in Packaging Technology

A corrugated paper roll is a type of packaging material that consists of a long strip of paper that has been folded into a series of parallel ridges and grooves, creating a wavy or corrugated pattern. The material is typically made from kraft paper, which is a strong and durable type of paper that is able to withstand a lot of wear and tear.

Corrugated paper rolls are widely used in the packaging industry for a variety of purposes, such as creating shipping boxes, protective padding, and wrapping materials. The corrugations in the paper provide added strength and cushioning, which helps to protect the contents of the package during transport.

They are also lightweight and easy to handle, making them a popular choice for businesses looking for cost-effective and practical packaging solutions.

Overall, corrugated paper rolls are a versatile and reliable packaging material that can help to protect your products during shipping and handling.

More Information
UPC 810106512327
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color Brown
Material Cardboard
Style Flat
Product Type Corrugated Pad
Features / Highlights Shock-absorbing feature, Extra protection, Recyclable, Variety of widths, Flexible to conform to any shape, Recycle
Country of Manufacture United States
Weight 26.400000
Product Length 250.000000
Product Width 24.000000
Product Height 0.125000
Flexible single face corrugated material will easily conform to different type objects
The fluted material constructed out of corrugate is raised to protect against impacts and vibration during travel
A sturdy material to fill voids or place dividers in corrugated boxes to prevent shifting of products
The product is manufactured in the US and is made of recyclable materials
This type of packing materials is used for heavier or delicate objects for added protection
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