Mini Bundling Wrap

Mini Stretch Wrap

Our “narrow Width” selection of Cast Stretch Wrap Film is quite handy for bundling small items and stabilizing them for both storage and shipments through its excellent self-adhering quality! You’ll notice that we present a helpful range of lengths, mil thickness, and gauge sizes. Very cost effective, you’ll benefit greatly by protecting packages from natural elements that destroy products during shipping and storage. Tier Pricing is Per Case.

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Handheld Mini Stretch Wrap

The handheld Mini Stretch Wrap, also known as the Mini Bundling Wrap is a great product with many cost-effective commercial and non-commercial applications. This is also true for home use when moving or just wrapping items to keep them together or protect them against dirt and soil. The following is some of the many advantages of the Mini Stretch Wraps:

  • Clinging Power – The superior clinging ability of the Mini Handheld Stretch Wrap creates a professional look bundling and packaging

  • No Tapes Needed – The Mini Bundling Stretch Wrap eliminates the need for any adhesive tape when wrapping larger pieces together, saving time for quick bundling and money for not using any additional packing tapes to secure the stretch wrap in its place

  • Bundling Small Items – Use the Mini Stretch Wrap to securely bundle small items prior to packing them in the Shipping Boxes. This will limit the risk of the items shifting during the handling and transit

  • Travel Packing – Use the Mini Stretch Wrap to securely bundle the contents of your suitcases while packing for travel. This will allow for packing the same kind items together while reducing their size by compacting them

  • An Alternative to Strapping – The Mini Stretch Wraps are free of residue and can replace strapping when bundling items together

  • Ease of Use – The Mini Stretch Wrap comes assembled with a handle. The Stretch Wrap reels very easily on the handle allowing for an effortless bundling which results in requiring less time to bundle while limiting the employees’ wrist fatigue

  • Use with Bubble Rolls – While the Bubble Rolls are great cushioning products they need to be secured at the end of wrapping to avoid unrolling of the wrap. Use the clinging power of the Mini Bundle Wrap instead of the Packing Tapes for a more secure way to keep the Bubble Rolls in place

  • One Hand Use – The Mini Handheld Bundling Wraps are designed to be used with one hand only leaving the other hand to maintain uniformity in the layers of the wrap

  • Ergonomic – With the ergonomic design of the Handheld Bundling Stretch Wrap the employees spend less energy while limiting unnecessary pressure on their hands and wrists

  • Water-Resistant Packaging – The high-grade polyethylene used in the manufacturing of the Stretch Wrap creates a water-resistant environment for the contents of pallets

  • Great Selection – The Handheld Mini Stretch Wraps are offered in width sizes from 2” to 6” and various lengths of 600’ to 1,000’ with thickness ranging from 45G to 150G