48" Wide Wrap

  1. 1 roll of 175-Feet

  2. 2 Rolls of 175' Each

  3. 4 Rolls 175' Each

48” Wide Bubble Cushion Wrap

Damaged items and stuff with cracks have been the top complaints that businesses receive. Of course, you ensure quality manufacturing to provide the best products to your valued customers. But what happens when clients return an item? Perhaps, the packing material is the culprit.

Worry no more! At StarBoxes, we offer 12”, 24”, and 48” wide wrap. Despite the number of options online and offline, our products stand out from the competition. In terms of durability, long-lasting features, and flexibility, our 48” wide wrap works well on larger items or to surround the object in the box.

Uses of 48” Wide Bubble Rolls

Our 48” wide bubble rolls is mainly used for packing purposes. But what kind of items can it pack? Well, there’s a lot of manufactured goods as well as protecting furniture, insulating windows, and greenhouses for the winter months. A few of them are listed below. Take a close look at the following:

Fragile Items

Glasses, artworks, vases, and mirrors fall under fragile items.  While they are delicate, they are also susceptible to potential damages. To provide optimal protection, we advise our clients to use a 48” wide wrap to quickly cushion your item.

Sensitive Products

Electrical items and electronics are also delicate. If they are not properly protected during shipping, they can be compromised. What about a gentle fall? Can it affect an electrical item? Well, it can lead to irreversible damages. But packing such stuff with 48” wide small bubble rolls will ensure that they are safe and protected from vibrations and shocks while traveling to their destination.


Over the past years, e-commerce stores have been creating a buzz in different parts of the world. From gadgets to furniture, everyone can order any items with just a click of a mouse. But for a business, shipping goods and arriving safely are key to customer satisfaction. Of course, as an online shop owner, you want to ensure that your product remains intact until delivery. How are you going to do that? It’s simple! Our 48” wide wrap can keep your goods safe all throughout the process. While it provides maximum protection, it also offers enough cushioning.

Other Uses

More than the packing uses, our 48” wide large bubble rolls are perfect for other purposes. Making it an insulation tool at home is a good example. In fact, it is perfect for insulating attics, windows, and greenhouses as well. Generally made from polyethylene, our products are durable and puncture-resistant, making them sturdier. Compared to other insulation materials, 48” wide wrap does not require any technical requirements. So, the installation is easy to install.

How to Use Our 48” Wide Wrap?

Since you already know what makes 48” wide wrap worth its purchase, it’s a perfect time to understand how to use it. Let’s get started!

When using 48” wide wrap, be sure it faces inwards to safeguard the item. As the air pockets face delicate stuff, it can help hold the article the right way. It can offer optimal cushioning, prevent damage, and adapt to the shape of the object.  The sheets of bubble rolls are easy to tear and you may use tape to secure the ends. That’s it! Simple and easy to use! Get a custom bubble cushion quote on larger orders. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!