9 x 7 x 5" Corrugated Boxes

  • Shipping box dimensions 9x7x5" that provides superior protection to all types of shipping products
  • Buy packs of 25 or more in bulk quantities or pallet pricing at an incredible wholesale price
  • Pack 1 item or several in the box and can be combined with other packing supplies also

  • Buy 100 for $1.25 each and save 10%
  • Buy 250 for $1.18 each and save 15%
  • Buy 500 for $1.11 each and save 20%
  • Buy 1000 for $1.04 each and save 25%
9 x 7 x 5" Corrugated Boxes is available to buy in increments of 25

How To Choose The Right Box Size

When buying boxes be sure to choose the right box size. If the box is too large then you are spending additional money on void fillers and postage. If the box is too small you may not be able to pack the product efficiently from breaking. The best way to choose the right box size is to measure the typical objects you would be shipping for your business. Add at least 2” in each direction for packing materials. If fragile consider more room for additional packing materials.

Should I Buy Multi-Depth Boxes

You should buy multi-depth boxes if you ship different sized items or a combination of items. This way you can buy one stock box for all your shipping needs. The box can be configured for different sizes depending on each shipping need. Multi-Depth boxes have several different creases to choose the size for each box. They are easy to fold over and fit snuggly around your products without the requirement to use more packing materials than necessary.

When Should I Use Double Wall Boxes

When you store or ship heavier items it is necessary to use double-wall boxes. Each box comes with a stamp to declare the weight and edge crush for each box. Double Walled boxes are stamped with 275# bursting strength. Single wall boxes that have too much weight packed in them may rip at the seams during transit or the edges could crush when stacked with heavier items on top.

How To Choose Packing Materials

Choose from a variety of packing materials. If you have several items to pack you may consider packing peanuts. If there are a combination of glass products you may want to wrap in bubble roll before placing packing peanuts in all the void space. Vintage items sold on e-commerce may need extra care. This type of box and packing material would be suitable to get your items shipped safely to the customer. On the other hand a combination of soft goods and glass packed together may just require packing paper to wrap the glass and fill in the voids using the soft goods as a cushion agent.

Sealing The Box With Tape And Form Pouches

Choose from 2” to 3” Acrylic or Hot Melt tape. If you are going to be shipping boxes on a regular basis save time with StarBoxes Industrial Tape Gun. This handy tool will apply tape quicker and smoothly on the boxes. For heavier items use the H tape method to seal the sides of the boxes. Next, consider a form pouch to list inventory in the box, directions, or invoice. The pouch is noticeable on the outside of the box and remains safe with the plastic tear-resistant material.

More Information
SKU BOX090705
UPC 810106511788
Product Length 9.000000
Product Width 7.000000
Product Height 5.000000
Size 9 x 7 x 5"
Style Rectangle
Product Type Corrugated Box
Features / Highlights Professional Grade, Manufactured Single Wall Corrugated Cardboard Construction, Lightweight 32 ECT 65Lbs Weight Limits, Regular Slotted Container (RSC) With Pre-Crease Flaps, Recyclable & Eco-Friendly Corrugated Carton
Material Cardboard
Color Brown
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Country of Manufacture United States
The quality structure of the boxes allows them to be promptly put together and broken down at ease
Corrugated boxes rigidity can uphold the pressure of stacked boxes and heavy weights in transit
The layer's of fluted corrugated fiberboard establish insulation against the adjustments of temperatures
Shipping boxes are delivered flat-packed so they demand limited storage space until put to use
Shipping box supplier of right off the rack corrugated boxes that are always available for order
Weight 0.270000
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