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Color Coded Tape

Carton Sealing Tape
  • Colors include Red, Blue, Green, White, Black, Orange, and Yellow
  • Sold in 2" or 3" widths with pressure sensitive acrylic adhesion
  • Tensile strength is 17lbs/in with 2.0 thickness
  • Tape useful to seal boxes, inventory rotations, brand recognition, warehouse locations, safe to warning identification
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Color-Coded Carton Sealing Tapes

Like the Clear Carton Sealing Tapes, these Color-Coded Packing Tapes are a sturdy and economical solution for packing Shipping Boxes. The Color-Coded Tapes offer many uses, primarily in distinguishing Shipping Boxes and Pallets with different contents. Use of the Colored Packing Tapes in the Shipping Boxes facilitates an easier inventory process while saving time, and labor costs. Colored Packing Tapes are also a great packing tool for shippers, manufacturers and e-commerce.

Uses For Colored Tapes

There are many other advantages for using the Color-Coded Tapes instead of the regular Clear Carton Sealing Tapes:

  • Colored Tapes for Shipping – Sealing the Shipping Boxes with Colored Packing Tapes could easily identify the items being shipped on expedited overnight mail, 2 days delivery, regular ground delivery or any other methods of shipment. This will help employees to sort out the packages according to their delivery urgency and avoid costly mix-ups of the packages.
  • Colored Tapes for Storage – Packing the Cardboard Boxes with Color-Coded Tapes offers an easy and organized storage solution when different products are not visible in the Cartons are stored together based on the color of the Packing Tapes used to seal the Shipping Boxes.
  • Colored Tapes for Pallets – The same is true for identifying the content of pallets. Securing the Shrink Wrap around the pallets with Color-Coded Tapes will offer an easy classification of the contents. This pallet packing method is also a great security measure when packing unmarked Shipping Boxes on the pallets or using Black Stretch Wrap for concealing the contents of the pallets. Use of the Colored Packing Tapes will afford only the employees to identify the contents of the pallets without making them visible to others.
  • Colored Tapes for Inventory – Use of different Color-Coded Tapes for packing different products in Cardboard Boxes and other containers allows for easy inventory without the need to open each box to observe the contents.
  • Colored Tapes for Brand Identity – Pack the Shipping Boxes with Colored Tape matching the primary color your company is known for. This is another marketing tool emphasizing on your brand without any additional costs to you. For example if your brand name is spelled with green fonts use green tape for customer package identification.
  • Colored Tapes for Inventory Rotation – Most businesses follow a loading and unloading strategy called FIFO (First In First Out) to avoid stocking low shelf-life items for too long. FIFO Use of the method is also crucial when dealing with items with periodic upgrades to eliminate the risk of storing potential discontinued merchandise.
  • Colored Tapes for Safety – Color-Coded Tapes are ideal in separating the packages according to the level of the safety required for storage and handling. The Shipping Boxes packaged with Red Colored Packing Tape indicates the high level of caution for the handling of these packages while the Green Colored Packing Tape needing the standard care during shipping and storage.

StarBoxes stocks a great selection of the quality Colored Carton Sealing Tapes in a variety of width and lengths and 7 vibrant colors, all ready for same day shipping to your business. These Colored Tapes are rated with a Tensile Strength of 17 Lbs/Inch.

Tensile Strength (ST)

Tensile Strength, ST, is also known as Ultimate Tensile Strength, UST, which is a formula to gauge the performance of materials under stress. In other words, how much or how many pounds of pressure materials can endure before reaching the breaking point.