Corrugated Wrap 6" x 250' x 1/8" Thick B Flute

  • Recyclable Corrugated Wrap 6" x 250' x 1/8" available at low wholesale prices
  • Packaging manufactured from corrugated fibers to be a 1/8" Thick B Flute as a flexible form of cushioning 
  • Perfect to protect glassware and metal components from abrasions as it eliminates movement in transit
  • Pliant single-face corrugated wrap that molds to any product's shape and can be used to pack unfilled voids
  • Corrugated wrap's thick layer of fluting offers greater shock-absorbing cushioning compare to packing paper

Corrugated Paper: A Cost-Effective Packaging Solution for Businesses

  1. Shipping: Corrugated rolls can be used as protective packaging material for shipping products. The rolls can be wrapped around items to provide cushioning and protection during transport.

  2. Storage: Corrugated rolls can be used to protect items during storage. The rolls can be wrapped around items to prevent damage from dust, moisture, or other environmental factors.

  3. Void fill: Corrugated rolls can be used as void fill material to fill empty spaces in shipping boxes. The rolls can be crumpled up and placed in the box to prevent items from shifting during transport.

  4. Product Display: Corrugated rolls can be used as a material for product displays. The rolls can be cut and shaped to create eye-catching displays for products in retail stores or trade shows.

More Information
UPC 810106512280
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color Brown
Material Cardboard
Style Flat
Type Corrugated Pad
Features / Information Shock-absorbing feature, Extra protection, Recyclable, Variety of widths, Flexible to conform to any shape, Recycle
Country of Manufacture United States
Weight 6.500000
Product Length 250.000000
Product Width 6.000000
Product Height 0.125000
Corrugated Wrap with size 6" X 250' X 1/8" Thick B Flute. Smooth layer of cardboard that offers an excellent protection to your most valuable items and can be used for multiple purposes.
Fabricated with a lightweight material that can be used to protect fragile items, furniture, and floors during storage, remodeling or construction.
A quick way to keep your furniture and objects safe from cracks, paint, dust, dirt, scratches, etc. Protective material that can be reused for other tasks.
Corrugated cardboard is easy to transport, handle and store. Helps you save time and money during shipping.
Flexible material that absorbs external impacts and helps prevent any risk damage at a low cost. Use to ship books using the book burrito wrap method.
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