One of the reasons for the increase in popularity of the kraft paper rolls is in strength when compared to typical papers. There are several reasons for the sturdiness of Kraft Paper which all relate to the method of manufacturing. Without becoming involved in a chemistry lesson, the few main factors separating the manufacturing of the Kraft Packing Paper are:

  • Bleaching – Kraft Packing Paper does not need bleaching, which is a great attributor to their strength while reducing the manufacturing costs

  • Sulfur – The Kraft Papers contain a higher ratio of sulfur

  • Lignin – A lower ratio of lignin. Lignin is a form of aromatic non-carb polymer

Commercial Uses of Kraft Paper

The strength of the Kraft Packaging Paper has contributed to their wide range of use in many industrial and commercial applications for a very long time. The following is some of the commercial uses of the Kraft Paper:

  • Construction and remodeling – Use Kraft Paper to cover and protect the carpets, tiles, and other flooring types during the construction and remodeling of homes or commercial buildings

  • Painting – Protect the window and door frames when painting the walls by covering them in Kraft Paper. This offers an eco-friendlier method in comparison to using plastic rolls

  • Shipping with Pallets – Cover the bottom of the pallets with Kraft Corrugated Paper to reduce the shift of the boxes during the transit

  • Packing – Individually wrap each item in Kraft Paper before packing them in the box. This will allow less friction and shift between the content in the box

  • Void Fill – Fill the void space in the moving boxes by crinkling or making balls out of the Kraft Packing Paper

Non- Commercial Uses of Kraft Packing Paper

  • Cover Birthday Tables – The use of the Kraft Papers on a table for any type of parties especially for children is a clever and cost-effective way to have fun. The guest can write their birthday wishes or draw on the Kraft Paper with crayons for a memorable safe-keeping

  • Use Kraft Paper for Weddings - Kraft paper has many uses for a country or rustic wedding theme. Create signs, table runners, flower bouquet wraps, and gift wrapping.
  • Gift Wrap – The Kraft Paper is more durable than the regular wrapping papers when used for gift wrapping and can be personalized with stamps, doilies, and other holiday embellishments

  • Family Communication Center – Never forget grocery items, school events, or other social activities again. Hand a roll of Kraft Paper on the wall to keep important events in front of you. Tear off and start fresh each day, week, or month.

  • Kraft Projects – Kraft Paper is a budget-friendly way to create many school projects, don’t forget to also cover the Craft table with Kraft Paper for the protection of furniture

  • For more ideas check out StarBoxes Kraft Paper Rolls Board On Pinterest.