Kraft Bubble Mailer 6.5" x 10" #0 - Pack of 25

  • Pack of 25 Kraft bubble mailers with size 6.5" X 10" #0. Kraft paper weight 110 GSM
  • Inside dimensions 6.5"X9" & outside dimensions 6.5"X10". Possible .5" +/- variance on the sizing. 
  • Adhesive peel & seal strip that makes it perfect for quick packing
  • 52# Kraft paper with 1/8” or 3/16” - 2 layers bubble interior for cushioning items during shipment
  • Permanent adhesive peel & seal with the color white with red/black print. Tape width 0.75” and lip width 1.57
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Kraft Bubble DVD and CD Mailers 6" x 10" #0 - Pack of 20

Many people find that dealing in second hand merchandise can provide an excellent source of extra income. Reselling DVDs and CDs is one of the areas of specialization that can be especially lucrative for those willing to pound the pavement in order to explore thrift stores and yard sales for inexpensive products in good condition. High quality packing supplies and shipping mailers are essential for quality shipping. They also find that used video games can be very popular. Having the right sized shipping mailers is important for assuring that the products are protected when sent. Kraft Bubble Now Mailer 6” x 10” selections in small quantities are perfect for the casual reseller who doesn’t want to see profits eaten away by costly shipping supplies. A pack of 20 bubble mailers accommodates your occasional shipping needs.

Resellers who dabble in a lot of second hand merchandise will find that a wide variety of bubble mailers makes it easy to catalogue merchandise before listing it for sale. It’s important to set up an organized system of storage so that you can easily retrieve your items as they sell. You may list them on an auction site or you may list them in your own e-store. In either case, efficiency is essential for assuring repeat business and satisfied customers, and bubble out bags can make a big difference in the condition of your products when they arrive. Including a pack of 20 Kraft Bubble Now Mailers in 6” x 10” size will allow you to catalogue your digital materials. You will also find this size suitable for cataloguing small antiques, jewelry and electronics. Whatever your concentration in reselling, you can benefit from using several sizes of bubble mailers in organizing your inventory and shipping it.

More Information
SKU KBM006510020
UPC 810106514697
Weight 0.600000
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Country of Manufacture United States
Size 6.5" x 10"
Color Yellow
Product Type Kraft Bubble Mailer
Material Wood Pulp / Polyethylene
Features / Highlights Tamper evident seal, Lightweight, Durable, #52lb Kraft Paper, Lined with Bubble, Cost-effective shipping, Various sizes and qty available
Mailer Type Kraft Bubble Mailer
College Campus or Holiday Pack of 20 with 6.5" x 10" #0 exterior sizes
52# Kraft paper with 1/8” or 3/16” - 2 layers bubble interior lining for added protection while in transit
Fast and easy to pack with self-seal adhesive lip
Add fancy label for holidays, birthdays, or logo stickers
Use to ship books, photo frames, office supplies, arts & crafts, and hardware tools
Product Length 10.000000
Product Width 6.500000
Product Height 0.400000
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