40 lb. Kraft Paper Roll - 48" x 765'

  • 40 lb. Kraft Paper Roll - 48" x 765' - Packing For Small Businesses
  • Kraft paper rolls to use as cushioning to fill the open voids when shipping in corrugated boxes 
  • Multi-purpose kraft rolls that can be used as a covering for books, tablecloth, floors, and renovation projects
  • Wrap gifts for the holidays and decorate with stamps, paint, or customized logos with brown kraft rolls
  • Our uncoated and wax-free kraft paper with industrial applications as menu's, signs, and surface protectants
  • Kraft paper rolls composed of 100% recyclable kraft fiber for minimal impact on the environment

Kraft Paper as your Packaging Material

Kraft paper has become a great choice for lightweight packaging products because of its durability and strength.  Using kraft paper as your packaging material can become an excellent eco-friendly choice that can help you improve your sales with environmentally conscious customers. This packaging material can be easily recycled and doesn’t take too much space compared to plastic packaging.  Using this type of packaging material can also help you save money because it is economical and light in weight.  In this article you will find a quick guide on Kraft paper.

 What is Kraft Paper?

Kraft paper is mainly used as a packaging material to ensure the safety of your products during transportation or storage.  This packaging material is designed with a high tear resistance strength compared to regular paper.  Because of it’s strenght it can be used for packaging different types of objects like antiques, artwork, glassware and many other home goods or merchandise.

Kraft paper benefits 

You probably may wonder how Kraft paper can benefit your business and why you should choose the packing paper instead of plastic packaging material. Below are 5 good reasons to put Kraft Paper to the test:

  • An affordable solution - Kraft paper can help your business save money on packaging material and shipping expenses with it's lightweight feature
  • A recyclable choice -  This packaging material can break down and be recycled much quicker compared to plastic packaging materials
  • Can used for multiple applications - Kraft paper can be used for multiple application like wrapping objects, covering floors, home remodeling, void fills, cushioning products and much more.
  • Easy to print on and write - Another benefit of kraft paper is that it can easily write, stamp, or color for promotional or marketing purposes.
  • High tear resistant and durable material - Kraft paper is maufactured to be tear resistant and durable compared to regular paper and newspaper.

To summarize, choosing kraft paper instead of paper packaging can become a more sustainable choice.  Packaging your products with Kraft paper can help ensure its safety during transportation or storage at an affordable price.  Kraft paper can be an excellent versatile and eco-friendly choice for your shipping needs.

More Information
SKU KRAFT4076548
UPC 810106512631
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color Brown
Material Wood Pulp
Product Type Kraft Paper Roll
Features / Highlights durable and tear-resistant, eco-friendly, wrap and pack, economical, protective void fill, different kraft paper weights
Country of Manufacture United States
Weight 42.800000
Product Length 765.000000
Product Width 48.000000
Product Height 0.010000
Large roll of 40 lb Kraft Paper to pack boxes to fill voids in boxes and protect items that are being shipped
Use for home renovation projects to cover floors, walls or other objects in the home to protect from dust, paint, or other applications
Easy to roll off and cut with scissors for specific size craft projects or crumple for shipping boxes
Use Kraft Paper Rolls for craft projects, wrap presents, decorate holiday tables, or country wedding themes
Trendy to cover holiday tables where kids can do their artwork or cheaper alternative for throw away table cloths
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