Calling out all DIYers, have I got news for you!

Two words: Kraft Paper.

I'm sure you're all thinking "Okay... what about it?" Well, let me further explain. Since the 1880s a chemist named Carl F. Dahl from Germany created the Kraft process or the conversion of wood into wood pulp which contains cellulose fiber the primary ingredient in paper. Dahl accomplished this by mixing sodium hydroxide and sodium sulfide, bonding together the lignin to the cellulose. In German, the word "kraft" means "strong" and there's no doubt that this paper lives up to this standard.

Dahl's invention alone was the start of one of the most versatile products made known to man. Kraft paper acts as a resourceful tool that aids in all occasions and fuels the creative mind of a DIYer. Not to mention, Kraft paper is not only natural but it's biodegradable and recyclable.

Here are a few creative ideas that you can incorporate Kraft paper in your everyday lives:


  • Kraft paper is a necessity when moving, shipping, and packing. The thick and durable paper fills voids and protects all your belongings in durable boxes. This will ensure that your items are safe, sound, and are stable in the process of transporting it from one place to another.


  • Feel free to get the kids involved with this one. Roll out a clean sheet of Kraft paper roll and let the kids get their creative juices flowing. From chalk, drawing, finger, acrylic, and oil painting you can skip the hassle and mess and have those talented youngsters creating masterpieces in the comfort of your own home. Voilà!


  • No need to worry about spilling paint or scratching up those marble, carpet or wooden floors. With kraft paper, you avoid the hassle altogether and can rest assured that your floors will be untouched and clean.


  • Here's a creative and cost-efficient idea, instead of buying backdrops for baby showers, weddings, and parties, produce an authentic backdrop that will have your guest saying "Cheese!"


  • This is for my decorating savvy people who enjoy that rustic-unpretentious touch or for those who want as little of a mess on their table as possible. With the mix of woods and plants, Kraft paper gives both that earthy and welcoming vibe. It's also useful for name placements and food labeling.


  • No need to worry,  Kraft-backed bubble roll is the perfect essential when it comes to moving heavy liquids. The moisture-resistant paperback serves as protection and hides items from view while in transit.


  • Let's talk about saving money and using brown kraft paper as gift wrapping paper that you and the whole family will enjoy! Have the kids draw on it or write something nice for your loved one. This economical idea will not only save money but give you a nice bucolic feel. Wrap it up by attaching a huge ribbon bow and you're set to go!

The ideas you can produce with kraft paper are limitless. From wrapping school books, using it as wallpaper, creating unique paper mâché, menus, signs, box costumes, making lunch bags, wrapping flower bouquets, and so much more can all be accomplished just as long as you put your creative mind to it. It's safe to say that Dahl's invention was necessary, convenient, and impacted the world in a much more creative way than he thought it would.