The Differences in Packing Tapes

Packing Tapes
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The Differences in Packing Tapes

Why Are Packing Tapes Different?

Shipping supplies are a constant expense for all manufacturers, shippers, and other businesses. Buying cheap and poorly manufactured packing supplies will result in the delivery of damaged products and defeat the main purpose of cost-saving. StarBoxes has developed a balanced solution for this problem by offering quality Packing Supplies at the most cost-effective price. StarBoxes’ wide selection of Packing Tapes and Carton Sealing Tapes is a perfect example of high-quality products at the most competitive prices. However, the knowledge of using the right Packing tape for the right job is proven to be as important as the quality of the tapes. Hot Melt Tapes

Hot Melt Packing Tapes are manufactured with three layers:

  • BOPP or Biaxially Oriented Poly Propylene Film – a method of film manufacturing for better tensile strength and moisture resistance
  • Hot Melt Adhesive the adhesive in Hot Melt Tapes is specially developed to offer superior holding power making them ideal for packing Shipping Boxes with heavier contents
  • Release Coating a layer of special coating applied to BOPP to facilitate an easier unwinding

Hot Melt Packing Tapes Hot Melt Packing Tapes offer an impressive holding power that is superior to other Carton Sealing Tapes. The strength of the adhesive in the Hot Melt Tapes along with their instant sealing properties has made them the best Packing Tapes for sealing over-weight and odd-shaped Shipping Boxes. However, it is important to note that as strong as the Hot Melt Tapes are they are sensitive to overly hot or cold temperatures.

Acrylic Packing Tapes

The Acrylic Carton Sealing Tapes are offered in many different colors but all share the same functionality of the acrylic adhesive. Manufacturing the resin-based acrylic adhesive is very complicated but the result is simply an amazing adhesive with a wide selection of applications. In the case of Acrylic Packing Tapes, the adhesive creates a great Carton Sealing Tape which is known for its resilience, ability to adhere to many different surfaces, and resistance to water and humidity. While the Acrylic Packing Tapes may not offer the extreme ability of the Hot Melt Tapes to grip Cardboard Shipping Boxes they are more workable in hot or cold environments. This feature has made StarBoxes Acrylic Packing Tapes as one of the best-selling tapes popular with movers, shippers, manufacturers, and e-commerce businesses. The other important feature of the StarBoxes Acrylic Packing Tapes remains in their ability to stick to a wide variety of surfaces. The Acrylic Tapes can easily grip Cardboard Shipping Boxes, wood, and glass in furniture as well as any kind of fabric. This is very important for movers who need to secure the Moving Blankets wrapped around furniture. The high quality and low prices of the StarBoxes Acrylic Packing Tapes allow movers to use ample layers of tape to tie down the moving blankets for a secure and damage-free move Today’s businesses are facing tighter competition stemming from the increase in online shopping and the emergence of many new e-commerce shops to the market. The combination of these events has created a perfect storm of delivering quality products at the lowest prices possible. This is not a mere business strategy but a matter of survival in such a competitive market. Since the tough competition has resulted in profit margins dwindling, the only solution remains cost-cutting without losing on quality. Lowering the shipping costs could be an option as long as does not defeat the purpose by increasing the risk of damage to the products during the delivery process. The experts at StarBoxes have a great knowledge of these challenges and have long partnered with many businesses to solve their cost-cutting goals. We know that each returned package means higher costs for the products, the cost of packing and shipping, and more importantly an unhappy customer. Our solution has been offering bulk packing and shipping supplies in the quantity that will save money without overstocking of supplies. Purchasing bulk Packing Tapes along with peanuts, boxes, shipping envelopes, and other supplies by our customers results in lower shipping costs enabling StarBoxes to pass the savings through lower prices.

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