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Color Coded Tapes

Osha Color-Coded Floor Marking Tapes and The Meaning Behind Them

Opaque Osha color coded tapes on an industrial facility’s floor, like a warehouse or factory, can throw off folks who are not aware of its functions. An Osha color-coded tape is made to support organization and safety in the non-office setting. This is a staple feature in such locations. It marks everything from passageways to aisles to the storage regions of different types of equipment.

OSHA has determined the meanings at the back of every color of floor tape. This is intended for those people who set out a perimeter or boundary that will be duly explained of what lies behind the colorful tape.


Did you know that yellow is the color for caution? It is probably the most widely utilized color-coded tape color because of its wide application. It’s used for the making of passageways, sections, and aisles intended to keep folks explained of the basics of the danger. This is the area of the other many urgent colors.


White is utilized to know stuff in the facility which is aimed for daily use, doesn’t pose any threat to safety when utilized. It includes machines such as benches, racks, carts, and jigs.


The red color coded tape is where you enter the area of potential danger. It's utilized to mark hazardous equipment such as a big machine in the corner which could cause injuries. It could also be an indication of toxic items. Electrical panels are customarily marked with this color to keep individuals from shocking themselves.


Orange means a warning to be extra careful around heavy devices or machinery which has the risk of harm. Red and orange are interchangeable colors. However, red is the color of much urgent prohibition, compared to orange that is slanted towards the practice of caution.


This is another cautionary color. It marks the area of equipment that requires repair. It’s a sign not to run any equipment on a blue-colored-coded tape floor. This can easily malfunction, and if it works in any case, it could result in unfortunate accidents.


This is a welcoming color-coded tape. This tells the location or presence of safety equipment. You see, green coded tape points a person to hazardous material waste suits, fire extinguishers, eye washing stations, showers, or other equipment use purpose is to lessen injury and enhance safety conditions.

Ultimately, you might also run into color-coded tapes that are laid out in stripes of different colors. That color normally indicates a general call of attention. It might be utilized as a sign as with orange or red, or a sign of something of which you must be informed like a dead end of a hallway.

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