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6 x 6 x 48" Tall Corrugated Boxes

  • 6 x 6 x 48" Tall Corrugated Boxes For Mailing
  • Bundle of 25 tall boxes with tier wholesale pricing
  • Ship golf clubs, lamps, sporting equipment and plants
  • Boxes store flat and easy to assemble in small workspaces
  • Labels may be placed on the box for address or instructions
  • Buy 100 for $2.55 each and save 9%
  • Buy 250 for $2.14 each and save 24%
  • Buy 500 for $2.10 each and save 25%
  • Buy 1000 for $2.02 each and save 28%
6 x 6 x 48" Tall Corrugated Boxes is available to buy in increments of 25

Why Tall Corrugated Boxes Are Perfect For Your Shipping

All across the globe, corrugated boxes are known as the top option when we talk about transportation of various export and import goods. They are widely sought for their durability and utility and could be personalized into different sizes to suit any commercial requirement. They are normally made with sturdy shipping materials because of the kind of items and the long distances, which they travel. They also provide protection to the items, which are used to transport.

So now, you are searching the internet for hours to find the ideal box suitable for the size of your item. The good thing is that tall corrugated boxes or sport utility boxes can be used for packing or shipping different types of sporting equipment and tools. It can also be used for shipping plants, and golf clubs among others.

  • Durable Tall Corrugated Boxes

Tall corrugated boxes are the same as cardboard boxes. However, the major difference is that the boxes are more durable and you don’t need to think about damaging your items when you’re using them properly for shipping. It’s widely utilized for packing in the sports equipment industry because of the safety and quality of the boxes.

Such boxes are often known as brown boxes and widely utilized for packaging plants and other sporting equipment that can’t go inside regular size corrugated boxes. If you are thinking what material is utilized for creating such boxes, it’s made with the fibrous pulp that is extracted from pine trees.

  • Smooth Surfaces

Tall corrugated boxes have smooth surfaces so you could print label stickers and stick it on them. This won’t only offer you simple packaging time with great labeling. It could also be an excellent branding for your packaging. You need to bear in mind that such sports utility boxes are made with recyclable materials while protecting the environment.

Marketing can be utilized for a long period as long as your corrugated boxes are out there in the market. It will present an excellent marketing technique. You could print your own company name, company logo, contact details, or even your website address on the labels.

  • Safe Arrival of Goods

With tall corrugated boxes as your packaging partner, your shipping items inside will be shipped with care and protection. That’s because such packaging has three or more layers of cardboard. What’s more, the layers resist jerks and shocks throughout transportation, as it offers a cushion defense to your items. The final outer layer is the fluting medium, which keeps the entire durability of the box. It could also sustain bumping, vibrations, and summer heat.

  • Available All Year Round

Another amazing benefit of using tall corrugated boxes for your commercial business is that such boxes are accessible throughout the year. Change of environment and weather has no impact on such packaging and it won’t be out of stock. For businesses like you, this is of utmost importance, as the operation of your company should run flawlessly without any hiccups.

Here at StarBoxes, we provide 6 X 6 X 48 inches tall corrugated boxes available for cheap and wholesale box prices! Shop today! 

More Information
SKU BOX060648
UPC 766897409059
Weight 1.0000
Tall shipping boxes are made of 32 ECT corrugated cardboard
Sport Utility Boxes can pack golf clubs, tents, or other sporting equipment
Fill any spaces between equipment and the box to secure and protect items
Boxes are shipped flat and easy to assemble fold over flaps to secure the box
Labels easily attach to the boxes for address, invoice, or instructions
Brand StarBoxes
Material Corrugated Cardboard
Color Brown
Country of Manufacture United States
Single Boxes 13 x 48 x 8