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Reclosable Bags 2 Mil 5" x 8" White Block - 1000 Per Case

  • Reclosable Clear Poly Bags 2 Mil 5" x 8" White Block - 1000 per Case
  • Transparent polyethylene bag best suited for organizing and separating small goods such as jewelry, tools, or toys
  • Protect products from dirt and moisture using reclosable 2Mil-thick poly-bags
  • Storage bags fabricated out of recycled materials to protect and store merchandise 
  • Odorless poly bags created to be reusable, durable, and resistant to wear
  • Reclosable clear bags with writable white block has a strong single-track closure 

Reclosable Bags For Storing And Shipping Products

Reclosable bags are a versatile option that has become a great choice for many industries. StarBoxes Reclosable bags 2 Mil 5" X 8" comes in a pack of 1000 that can be used for your everyday applications in your home, office, school, and warehouse.  These resealable polyethylene packaging bags are a great choice for you to protect your products from surface damage, wear and tear during storage or shipment.  Plastic packaging bags are an affordable option that can cost you less than corrugated boxes.  Continue reading more about these packaging bags and why you should use them in your everyday operations.

Protect Products With Reclosable Zip Top Bags

Protecting your products with reclosable zip-top bags is a great way for you to safeguard the safety of your products against weather conditions and dust while storing or shipping products. Not only are they ideal for protecting your items, but you can also use them to keep your small items organized and bundled together.  These reclosable bags are perfect for you to keep your products labeled and organized to prevent loss. Packaging bags can be a great alternative to have better control of your products in your warehouse.

Are These Bags Different From Regular Plastic Bags

You are probably wondering why are these reclosable bags are different from regular plastic bags.  The secret of reclosable bags is that they can be sealed and resealed.  All you have to do is squeeze the opening of the bags together with finger pressure for quick sealing. Another benefit of using this versatile packaging material is that it can be used for a wide range of applications. StarBoxes reclosable bags are available in different sizes for your requirements.  These bags are suitable for packing different types of objects like small electronics, toys, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and home goods.

Reclosable bags are a great choice for your business if you are looking for a secure way to store and ship out your products. Packaging your products with these bags has never been so easy and effective. Using reclosable bags for your everyday operations can be an affordable option for you to transform your packaging process into something new.  

More Information
SKU ZIP50821000W
UPC 766897402005
Brand StarBoxes
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Country of Manufacture Mexico
Size 5" x 8"
Color Clear
Type Zip Bags
Style Reclosable
Material Polyethylene
Features / Extra Information Slide Seal, Zipper Seal, Resealable, Polyethylene Material, Useful for storage, Organize Craft and Parts
Releasable clear poly bags 2 Mil. 5" X 8", Case of 1000 Releasable bags. Protect and secure your most valuable items from tear, dirt, dust and wear during storage or transit.
Resealable packaging material that can be re-used for multiple tasks like storing goods. You can also personalize it by creating your own design on the outside with adhesive labels or address stickers.
Perfect for packing all types of items like jewelry, clothes, tools, electronic devices, books, photographs, etc. Choose the right size that fit your needs.
Fabricated with a clear and lightweight material that makes it easier for storage and distinguish the content inside.
Zip-closing packaging that can be closed and open easily. Keep your objects in good condition while shipping or storing products.
Weight 6.750000
Product Length 8.000000
Product Width 5.000000
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