Tips In Packing Household Items

Tips To Help Pack and Move
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Tips In Packing Household Items

Relocation is a challenging situation, so you must know how to pack your household items to reduce your burden. If you want to know the best packing tips for your household items, this article is best for you.

Materials for packing your household goods

You must consider the following when it comes to securing the safety of your household items during the shipment. • Always insist on using sturdy shipping boxes to store fragile products.

• You must wrap the fragile household products using packing paper or bubble cushion wrap.

• Always check if the bottom of the box is sealed with additional tape to avoid it from opening when lifted. • Make sure to close shut the corrugated boxes to protect your items. • Use strong packaging tape, markers, and moving labels to determine the content in different boxes.

• Use plastics, blank newspapers, or bubble cushion wrap to fill the carton’s empty spaces. Household goods will be handled in different ways to ensure their protection against potential damage during the shipment process. Furthermore, you must know the essential things to consider when packing your household products.


• Make sure to double-pack your electronic items with glass screens to avoid breakage.

• You must unplug all appliances.

• The refrigerator must be unplugged within 24 hours before loading since it needs to drain ice and excess water.

• You can also check the instructions on the manual for your appliances. • Tape the inner table on the microwave oven to prevent the glass door from breaking.

Small furniture products • Make sure to cover the edges of the furniture to prevent chipping. • You must also secure the surface using a bed sheet to avoid scratches. • The surfaces must be protected since they can be double stacked in the moving container, moving van, or rental truck.


• Sharp cutlery and glass containers must be wrapped with additional packaging.

• Ceramic kitchenware and fragile bone china items must be packed using bubble cushion wrap.

• Wrap the utensils and cutlery together in fitted bundles. Make sure to bubble wrap it before placing it in the boxes. • Crystal pieces, vases, wine glasses, and more must be double-wrapped in bubble wrap and paper.

• Put paper between the bowls, plates, and cups with additional packaging.

Other Items

• You can pack your books with corrugated boxes. You must not overpack huge boxes because the books are heavy. You can pack it in different small boxes. Wardrobe boxes with hangers can be provided to you by your shipping company.

• You can use an international-sized bag for packing shoes and clothes.

• Put packaging paper in between multiple photo frames. • Pianos, fine art, and musical instruments come with unique packing requirements. Therefore, you must seek advice from your professional service provider.

3-step process in moving internationally

  1. Check if the household goods are packed carefully by you or a professional moving team.
  2. Moving items from your house to the loading warehouse must be in a container for ocean freight.
  3. Make sure to unpack the goods carefully during arrival and at your new destination. Applying these tips to your move will ensure you have the right materials to pack.
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