Green Leaf-Shaped Packing Peanuts 1.5 Cu Ft. 1-Pack

  • Green Leaf-Shaped Packing Peanuts 1.5 Cu Ft. 1-Pack
  • A perfect and unique way to ship gifts or packages that'll stand out to friends, companies, or customers 
  • Plant-based packing peanuts that are unique in shape but help protect your products from shifting and shock while  in transit
  • Perfect for CBD companies, Leaf lovers, and special holidays
  • Non-toxic peanuts that are eco-friendly, dissolve in water, and unique when shipping gifts or e-commerce

How to Recycle Packing Peanuts 

Whether you consider them packing peanuts, foam noodles, loosefill, or packing popcorn these biodegradable peanuts are perfect for filling boxes with fragile items inside. It ensures whatever item you plan on shipping, reaches its destination without the worry of being shocked, impaired, or shifting around inside. However, what makes these peanuts stand out from other styrofoam peanuts is that it is made out of plant-based protein and starch making it easy to dissolves in water.  If you like, you can reuse them for your next shipment or utilize these nuts to drain plants, tightening loose screws, crafting decor, or simply tie them in a plastic bag tightly and throw them out if you must. 

More Information
UPC 810042150782
Weight 4.000000
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color Green
Material Starch
Country of Manufacture Mexico
Features / Information Plant-based, Bio-degradable packaging solution, Cushion void fill, Fun shapes, Natural and non-toxic, Absorbs Shock
Product Length 1.000000
Product Width 1.000000
Product Height 0.500000
Green leaf-shaped packing peanuts are earth friendly with a high shock resistance, perfect for rough transit
Anti-static biodegradable peanuts that retains less static that does not stick to clothes and is perfect for packing with electronics
Leaf-shaped foam peanuts that are recyclable and are made to be less harmful to the environment compared to styrofoam peanuts
Plant-based bio-peanuts that are not only anti-static but dust-free, lightweight, durable, and a much cheaper option than any other void-fill
These uniquely shaped eco-fillers are surprisingly ideal for shipping your cannabis products and gifts
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