12" Wide Wrap

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Choosing the Right Bubble Roll

Choosing the right bubble cushioning wrap could become detrimental in controlling the packaging costs and the secure delivery of products. Using the larger size than necessary bubble rolls will cost more while the smaller than required bubble rolls will increase the risk of delivering damaged products to the consumer. In our super competitive market, the reputation of companies and keeping customers satisfied is a fine line between success and failure. Delivering damaged goods will defeat the effort to create a loyal customer base while adding to the companies’ labor and product costs when faced with increased returned items.

How to Choose the Right Bubble Rolls

Bubble Rolls are manufactured in different sizes to accommodate different applications. The size is determined both by the size of each bubble and the thickness of the rolls. Besides the different sizes, StarBoxes also offers various types of bubble packaging including Colored Bubble Rolls, Anti-Static Bubble Rolls, and Kraft Bubble Rolls:

  • 3/16” Small Bubble Rolls – These are the standard size and most commonly used bubble rolls. 3/16” Bubble Cushions are perfect for packaging smaller items like small appliances. glassware, and fragile items to protect against scratches. Wrapping fragile items in several layers of small bubble cushions is highly recommended.

  • 5/16” Medium Bubble Rolls – Equipped with 1” wide and 5/16” tall bubble, these medium-size bubble rolls offer ample protection for many mid-size items. 5/16” Bubble Cushion Rolls are great in wrapping or packing items line artwork, mirrors, and medium-size appliances and electronics. 5/16” bubble rolls make a great void fill in boxes as well reducing the risk of shock and shift during transit

  • 1/2” Large Bubble Rolls – Most large bubble rolls are used to fill voids in shipping boxes but there are many other ways that packaging and shipping companies utilize them. The 1/2” bubble rolls are very cost-effective when compared to the cost of packing peanuts and customers like the less messy large bubble rolls

  • Colored Bubble Rolls – Besides clear bubble rolls, StarBoxes offers 3 others in blue, green, and red. While both offer the same functionality many companies prefer colored bubble rolls over clear colored rolls. Separating themselves from the competition, matching their company colors with their packing colors and product differentiation are some of the reasons for choosing colored bubble rolls for these companies

  • Anti-Static Bubble Rolls – Shippers and manufacturers of electronics and their components are well aware of the risk of electrostatic discharge to these products. StarBoxes’ Anti-Static Bubble Rolls are the perfect solution for combating electric statics. These lightweight bubble rolls also protect items against damages associated with transit. The distinctive pink color of anti-static bubble rolls is easily identified by employees when packing sensitive electronics goods like cellphones.

Using Different Size Bubble Rolls

The use of different size bubble rolls offers an additional layer of protection against drops and shifts of products during storage and transit. Packaging items with different size bubble rolls is a common practice by most professional packaging companies. They employ this technique to eliminate or lower the risk of delivering damaged goods. To start, wrap as many layers of small bubble rolls around the item as necessary and pack it in the shipping box with large bubble rolls around it. The lower risk of damages will easily justify the minor increase in the cost of using additional bubble rolls when packing items like antiques, mirrors, and artwork.