Colored Poly Mailers pink, (7.5" x 10.5" pack of 200)

  • Pink Poly Mailers 7.5" x 10.5" Pack of 200 Best used for Non-Fragile items
  • Bright-colored mailers stand out from other types of packaging 
  • Keep items safe with an easy-to-seal tear strip and waterproof poly-type material
  • The lightweight envelope keeps shipping expenses in line while delivering packages safely
  • Easily brand your envelopes for shipping with custom logo labels or similar adhesive product

Best used for Non-Fragile items - such as clothing, shoes, paperwork, and items that would not break without extra cushioning protection. These mailers are best for protecting against water and dirt
Self-sealing tear strip, keeping it easy and no need for tape. Easy to attach adhesive mailing labels and can be written on with markers and/or pen
Waterproof Poly Bags can protect against damage, stains, and more. Ideal for shirts, towels, bedding, paper, and wood products. And with the added color options it helps brighten up your packages.

More Information
Brand uBoxes
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color Pink
Material Polyethylene
Features / Information Pink, 7.5" x 10.5" pack of 200, Self-Seal Adhesive, Lightweight for Low-Cost Shipping, Tamper Resistant, Water and Puncture Resistant, Professional Appearance
Country of Manufacture United States
Weight 1.000000
The pink colored poly mailers are the best tool for marketing because of the color of the mailers. Customer can easily identify your brand.
Our colored poly mailers come with a self sealing adhesive strip so you don't need to add extra tape to secure your items.
Poly Mailing Bags come with adhesive seals that provide tamper-evident security, assuring customers that their packages have not been opened during transit.
Businesses prefer using colored poly mailers because they are light-weight and help to reduce the shipping cost.
StarBoxes poly mailing bags are available in different colors and sizes to choose the ones that fit your needs.
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