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Small Bubble 1400' x 24" Wide 3/16" Wrap

  • Small Bubble 1400' x 24" (8 Rolls of 175-Feet Each)
  • Measurement of 3/16" in thickness
  • The perfect product to safely shelter objects from dirt, moisture, or dust when moving
  • Conforms to fit around your valuable objects during relocating, mailing or storage
  • Small bubble can also be wrapped around pipes counteract freezing during frigid winters

Small Bubble 1400' x 24"

More Information
SKU BUBSM0241400
UPC 741360977730
Weight 40.0000
Brand StarBoxes
Material Polyethylene
Color Clear
Small Bubble Roll size 1400' Long X 24" wide (8 Rolls of 175- Feet each), measurement of 3/16" in thickness. Bubble Manufactured in the US
Made of polyethylene material that is durable, easy to use, moisture resistant, elastic, good insulator and reusable for multiple tasks including shipping, moving, or storing goods
Great for providing protection to your belongings during transportation, storage or moving out. Helps prevent surface damage of your items from impacts or accidents while traveling or in storage
Wrap and secure fragile items like glassware, ceramic, electronic devices, artwork, dishes, lamps, etc. Easy to identify content after wrapping object or label with marker
Ideal for shipping packages, moving out, artwork, storage, household task, house remodeling, etc. Wrap and secure your belongings in a fun, easy and budget friendly way
Country of Manufacture United States
Single Boxes N/A
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