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Reclosable Bags 2 MIL. 12" x 15" - 1000 c/s

  • Reclosable Clear Poly Bags 2 MIL. 12" x 15" - 1000 c/s
  • Zip-top storage bags with a secure locking top that keeps the product safe within it
  • Poly-bags that are the cost-efficient choice for long-term, light-duty or refrigerated storage
  • Expect clear optical clarity for a full 360 view of the internal packaging 
  • Thickness of the poly-bags permit for repeated use without wear and tear

Reclosable Clear Poly Bags 2 mil. 12" x 15" - 1000 c/s

More Information
SKU ZIP121521000
UPC 766897402203
Brand StarBoxes
Size 12" x 15"
Color Clear
Material Polyethylene
Polyethylene makeup is rated non-toxic, acid-free, and supplies protective storage
Storage bags that are light in weight, flexible, and fold's with ease
Reclosable bags that are able to endure a great range of temperatures
Poly-bags made tear-resistant for industrial packaging and heavy usage
Resealable bags meet all requirements for safely storing and transporting food
Weight 29.7000
Country of Manufacture Mexico
Single Boxes 11.5 x 9.5 x 13.5