7.25" x 12" - #1

Kraft Bubble Mailer #1

Kraft Bubble Mailers #1


  • Inside Dimensions: 7.25" x 11"
  • Self-Sealing & 100% Recyclable
  • 52 lb. Kraft paper with 3/16" bubble lining
  • Lightweight to save on shipping. 1/8” or 3/16” - 2 layers
  • Each weigh just 0.7 ounces + or - 0.1
  • Perfect for brushes and other small items 
  • *Mailer Sizes inside dimension can vary +/- (plus or minus) a 1/4"
  • Mailer Required: Determine both width and depth add 1/2" then measure length and depth add 2"
  1. $19.35

  2. $26.20

  4. $73.45

  5. $114.11

  6. $280.75


Kraft Bubble Mailers Best Packaging Solution

Kraft bubble mailers have become a popular packaging solution to many retail and ecommerce industries because of its multiple benefits. You can use them for cushioning and protecting your fragile products during storage and transportation.  They can provide you with multiple benefits including lightweight shipping costs, no extra materials, and reduce labor on your packing process. Compared to other packaging materials like corrugated boxes, you can store them anywhere in your warehouse and takes up minimal space to store and pack. In this article we are going to give you a quick guide on what are kraft bubble mailers and the many benefits that they can provide in saving shipping and labor costs.

What Are Kraft Bubble Mailers

Padded envelopes are designed to protect and secure items during transportation or storage.  They are made with strong 52# kraft paper and small bubble cushion interior for securing shipment from shocks and vibrations. The bubble mailers are made with a smooth surface  where you can write on, label, or stamp or use adhesives to custom design. You can ease your packing process with smooth glide in bubble surface and since they are made with a self-sealing closure no tape and scissors are reqiored. The kraft bubble mailers are mainly used by shipping industries to help prevent product damage and while lowering shipping costs.

Custom Bubble Mailers

Kraft bubble mailers can give your packages a more earthy and natural look to your products while maintaining a professional delivery of products. You can personalize the outer envelope with your own design, company logo or slogan to give your packages a more unique and special style to your customers. Use stamps, markers, stickers, and address labels for personalization.  The brown kraft bubble envelopes can be used for multiple purposes in your business company including packing, mailing, and storage needs. Since they are designed with a bubble cushion interior you can use the shipping envelopes to ship fragile, semi-fragile and soft goods. You may use another layer of bubble or small box as needed for packing the envelope.

Kraft Bubble Mailer Advantages

  • Small & Lightweight -  You can store the mailers in small spaces and use it whenever you need to ship out products.  They also help you save money on your shipping freight.
  • Adhesive Closure -  Keeps your products safe and secure inside that they cannot be opened easily without notice.
  • Secure - Strong adhesive makes the envelope tamper evident.
  • Cost-Effective -  Affordable packaging solution that helps you save cost on extra packing material and shipping cost.
  • Bubble Interior Design- Provides a small bubble cushion protection that helps prevent product damage during shipment or storage.
  • Strong – Made with a durable design that is puncture and tear resistant to help keeps products safe and secure inside.