Kraft Bubble Mailer 7.25" x 12" #1 - Pack of 15

  • Pack of 15 Kraft Bubble Mailers with size 7.25" X 12" #1.Kraft paper weight 110 GSM.
  • Adhesive peel & seal strip with inside dimensions 7.25"X11" and outside dimensions 7.5"X12"
  • 52# Kraft paper with 1/8” or 3/16” - 2 layers bubble interior that keeps products secure inside
  • Kraft bubble mailers that provide padded protection for your products. Possible .5" +/- variance on the sizing.
  • Permanent adhesive peel & seal with the color white with red/black print. Tape width 0.75” and lip width 1.57”.


How To Save Money With Kraft Bubble Mailers

Kraft bubble mailers for your e-commerce business can save money. Product damage sometimes occurs because products are not packaged properly with the appropriate packaging material. Here in StarBoxes, we offer a wide range of quality packaging solutions for your business needs. Among them, StarBoxes Kraft bubble mailers have become an effective solution when it comes to shipping small and individual items. These shipping mailers are effective while being practical and affordable at the same time. Read on to learn more about kraft bubble mailers and the multiple benefits that they can offer during shipment or storage.

Kraft Bubble Mailer VS Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes are not the only alternative when it comes to shipping out products. Kraft bubble mailers are designed for you to ship out small and non-fragile products at a reduction in packaging costs. Unlike bulky boxes, you can pack your product more quickly and safely with these mailers. Each mailer comes with a peel and seal strip that allows you to have a quick and safe closure of your packages. But that is not it! These mailers are also more economical compared to corrugated boxes. StarBoxes offers shipping mailers in a wide variety of sizes and bulk quantities.

The best part about kraft bubble mailers is that they can be used for a wide range of applications in your home, office, and business. They are perfect for storing documents, mailing gifts, and shipping out products. If you are planning on shipping out fragile items then we recommend that you use corrugated boxes offering better protection to shipping items.

Kraft Bubble Mailers 7.25" X 12" Wholesale prices

StarBoxes kraft bubble mailers are sold in bulk quantities at wholesale prices. This way you can save money on packaging material and reduce shipping costs at the same time. StarBoxes shipping mailers are an excellent way for you to ship out your product at an affordable cost. Ensure safe delivery of your products with kraft bubble mailers that come with interior bubble padded protection. This way you can have a safe delivery of your products to your customers at an affordable price.


More Information
SKU KBM172512015
UPC 810042151567
Weight 0.600000
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Country of Manufacture United States
Size 7.25" x 12"
Color Yellow
Product Type Kraft Bubble Mailer
Material Wood Pulp / Polyethylene
Features / Highlights Tamper evident seal, Lightweight, Durable, #52lb Kraft Paper, Lined with Bubble, Cost-effective shipping, Various sizes and qty available
Mailer Type Kraft Bubble Mailer
Padded envelopes cheap 7.25" x 12" #1 - Pack of 15 52# kraft paper with 3/16" bubble
7.25" x 11" interior packing room with finned edges on the outside for finger protection
Less costly to keep on hand for those times when a regular envelope will not do
Bubble on the inside provides a barrier of protection versus the regular envelope
Popular peel-n-seal to close the package for protective safe shipping
Product Length 12.000000
Product Width 7.250000
Product Height 0.400000
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