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Glamour Mailers

Metallic Bubble Mailers

Metallic Self-Seal Bubble Mailers

  • Self-Sealing Bag secure adhesive strip.
  • Seamless bottom for maximum strength.
  • Finned edge side seams to prevent paper cuts.
  • Attractive colors Gold, Silver, Green, Blue, Red, Black, and Purple.
  • Sizes may vary Plus or minus 6mm (0.25") or 2%, whichever is greater.
Gold metallic Mailer
Silver Mailers
Black Mailers

Red Mailers
Green Mailers
blue mailers
Purple Mailers

Metallic Glamour Mailers

While all Glamour Bubble Mailers offer the security and functionality of our other bubble mailers the attractive shiny metallic exterior creates an appealing presentation when sending any promotional or gift items. The great presentation of these Metallic Bubble Bags is enticing enough to be opened by any intended receiver resulting in a better return on investment of the marketing dollars. Using the Glamour Mailers to ship the ordered goods to the consumer will increase the brand identity and loyalty justifying the minor extra cost of these mailers against the regular bubble mailer. Just imagine a consumer who receives orders in bubble bags from different companies and notices a shiny metallic red Glamour Bubble Mailer amongst all other boring grey, white, or kraft paper packages, which one do you think they will pick to open first and remember the company?

The Metallic Bubble Mailers offer much more than their alluring shiny look:

  • The peel and Seal property speeds up the packaging process

  • The self-adhesive closure offers security and tamper-evident functionality

  • Waterproof Glamour Bags decrease the risk of damages due to humidity or water intrusion

  • Tear-proof property of all Metallic Bubble Bags provides another level of security as well as the tamper evident solution

  • The interior cushioning of Glamour Bubble Mailers creates a protective layer against damages associated with the mailing process

  • The irresistible metallic colors make any marketing mail stand out from the rest

  • The smooth exterior of all Metallic Glamour Bubble Mailers creates an easy surface for stamps and address labels

  • Use of these Glamour Bubble Mailers increases your brand loyalty by being a head and shoulder above the competition when your customer receives the goods

  • The increased ROI in your marketing costs will easily surpass the extra cost of Metallic Glamour Mailers to make the use of these mailers the most cost-effective promotional tool

  • All Glamour Bubble Mailers are approved by USPS and other major shipping companies