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Bubble Out Bag 4" x 7.5" #2 - Pack of 250

  • Low Priced Bubble Cushion Envelopes Interior Dimensions 4" x 7.5" #2 - Starboxes
  • Exterior Dimensions 4" x 8"
  • Pack of 250 envelopes with self-seal 1/2" lip
  • Manufactured with 3/16" polyethylene bubble
  • Lightweight to save money with packing materials

Bubble Mailer Bags 4" x 7.5" #2 - Starboxes 


Bubble mailer bags 4” x 7.5” are great for protecting many different household items. They also serve the needs of those who sell household goods. Sending products in the mail leaves the possibility of damage, and every layer of protection you employ in getting things packaged will ensure a better chance of the items arriving intact. Starboxes carries a huge selection of discount bubble mailers, and your small business or personal needs are easily handled with the broad selection of shipping supplies.

Small kitchen tools are popular mail order products. Internet marketing has made it possible for people to track down specialty equipment of all types. You can supply your customers with quality merchandise with confidence, knowing that your shipping materials will keep items in perfect condition during transport to their destinations. 

Bubble mailer bags are also great for household organization of specialty kitchen tools and equipment. For example, many families love to keep a huge selection of cookie cutters available for both special occasions and for everyday needs. You can easily organize your cookie cutter collection with bubble bags, separating by holiday, size or material. This is much easier for access than leaving your cookie cutters intermingled in a bin or box. If you love copper cookie cutters or collect vintage cookie cutters, you will want to make sure that they are especially well-protected when stored. With the use of discount bubble bags from Starboxes, you can organize according to your preferences and according to the special needs of the cookie cutters, kitchen tools and other fragile materials that are in need of better management.
More Information
SKU BOB204750250
UPC 741360977822
Brand StarBoxes
Color Clear
Material Polyethylene
Adhesive sealed bubble cushion envelopes for packing inventory
Easily add SKU's and shipping labels to clear bubble bags
Easy to pack bubble envelopes with smooth slide in and slide out
Many uses around the home to organize and store items
Use as ice pack, picnic silverware organizer, store teas, spices and more
Weight 3.0000
Country of Manufacture
Single Boxes 12 x 12 x 12