Bubble Out Bag 12" x 15.5" Pack of 25

  • Padded Mailing Envelopes 12" x 15.5" #7 - Pack of 25
  • Starboxes moisture-resistant self-sealing bubble bags excellent for product packaging applications
  • Bubble pouches made from lightweight low-density polyethylene to reduce shipping costs
  • Less labor-intensive to pack items as the pouches conform around the shape of your merchandise
  • Avoid damage with the protective outer bubble cushioning of these cost-effective pouches 


What Is a BUBBLE BAG and How Does It Work?

Use bubble bags when it comes to shipping all types of small and fragile items. These pouches come with air-filled bubbles that keep items protected with soft cushioning. This type of packaging is an affordable solution to have clear view of the items and a self seal to keep products secure. StarBoxes bubble pouches are sold in various sizes with small to bulk size quantities. If you are seeking to reduce costs on packaging products consider the bulk quantity pricing. The pricing makes it perfect for your business to reduce costs on packaging materials and ship like a professional at the same time. Learn more about these bubble pouches and the savings on this type of packaging material.

How Easy Is It To Pack A Bubble Bag?

Bubble bags have a smooth interior to slide products in and seal with the adhesive peel strip. Very little time and labor is required to pack with bubble bags. The bubble cushioning works well when packing items in corrugated boxes or shipping in the bubble bag itself. The packaging envelopes smooth surface makes it easy to apply a bar code or shipping label. The envelopes are a convenient choice in the e-commerce industry when it comes to protecting products during shipping or storage. Bubble pouches are a versatile packaging material that can be used for a wide range of industries. The protective packaging can be used in many different Ecommerce and industrial settings.

When Should I Use A BUBBLE BAG?

Use a bubble out bag for smaller non-fragile items when shipping. For storage the bubble cushioning bag provides protection while packed in boxes. The lightweight feature of the bubble bag will keep shipping costs down and provide a simple solution for packing or shipping the products. Measure your items and find the right size envelopes for your business. The larger the quantity the more you will save on shipping supplies. StarBoxes quantity packs help reduce packaging costs as your business grows.

Shipping boxes are bulky and can sometimes take up too much in your warehouse. With these pouches, you don't have to worry about large storing and packing space. Bubble pouches are available in a variety of sizes for you to choose from. You can pack all types of items like vitamins, jewelry, accessories, and CBD products. Give yourself the chance to ship your products like a professional with this affordable time saving packaging choice

More Information
SKU BOB712155025
UPC 810106515557
Weight 1.000000
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Country of Manufacture United States
Size 12" x 15.5"
Color Clear
Product Type Bubble Pouches
Material Polyethylene
Features / Highlights Strong polyethylene material, Secure adhesive seal, Protect small fragile Items, Lightweight, Clear view
Mailer Type Bubble Bag
Padded Mailing Envelopes are useful for storage and shipping
UOFFICE bubble bags are sold in various sizes and bulk quantities
Bubble pouches manufactured from low density polyethylene
Less labor-intensive to pack items in the self seal envelopes
Less damages and returns with protective outer bubble cushioning
Product Length 15.500000
Product Width 12.000000
Product Height 0.400000
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