StarBoxes is the trusted wholesale supplier of Reclosable Zipper Bags. Many manufacturers and shippers of different products use poly bags to pack and ship their products. Our Reclosable poly bags are offered in 2 MIL thicknesses and a wide range of different sizes to accommodate packing and displaying many different products. The main category of StarBoxes Reclosable Zipper Bags consists of Clear Reclosable Bags and White Block Reclosable Bags.

Clear Reclosable Bags

The clear Reclosable Poly Bags are manufactured of crystal clear polyethylene to ensure the visibility of the contents. This allows for effortless identification of the products packed in Clear Reclosable Bags with Zip Top. The ability to easily identify the products inside the Reclosable Bags is instrumental in the speed and accuracy of the inventory process. The see-through Reclosable bags also allow customers to easily identify the products inside the bags for purchase. Opening and closing of StarBoxes Reclosable Bags are simple to operate while the seal keeps the bags securely closed.

Many Uses of Zipper Reclosable Bags

  • Food – Reclosable Bags are an excellent solution for packing nuts, candies, cookies, spices, herbs, and many other food items
  • Nuts and Bolts – The wide size selection of Zipper Reclosable Bags offered by StarBoxes offers makes the inventory and display of nuts and bolts more practical. Start with small Reclosable Bags to store the smallest size of the nuts and bolts in your inventory and select the next size of the Reclosable Bags as packing the larger nuts and bolts. This creates a simple identification system for employees to follow their inventory sheets from one size to the next in an organized manner. Implementing such a simple process will lower the risk or errors in the packing process.
  • Hardware Storage – Regardless of the hardware stored in Clear Reclosable Bags are for sale to customers or for the company’s own use, these bags are ideal in protecting the products while making finding them very easy
  • Manual Storage – Many manufacturers prefer storing the manual and instruction for their products in the Zipper Large Reclosable Bags. The minor investment in Reclosable Bags ensures the manuals delivery to end-users without being exposed to moisture, dirt, soil, and tears. This also allows the purchasers to neatly store the manuals damage-free for future references
  • Small Gadgets and Accessories – Shipping small gadgets and accessories in Zipper Reclosable Bags ensures protection against water damages, dirt, and soil during transit. The best method for packing and shipping these items is to first secure them in the Reclosable Poly Bags and then pack them in the shipping boxes or any other shipping supplies best suited for the specific product.

White Block Reclosable Bags

The White Block Reclosable Bags by StarBoxes are offered in a variety of sizes and 2 MIL and 4MIL thicknesses. The White Block Reclosable Bags are sturdy reusable poly bags with an easy-to-write-on white block printed on the panel. The white block section is designed for easy writing of the description of products such as product name, part number, and date with pens or markers.

Use of the White Block Reclosable Bags by retailers allows their customers to easily find what they are looking for. For manufacturers, shippers, and e-commerce, the White Block Reclosable Bags will speed up their packing process while streamlining the inventory process