Looking for brand recognition or decorative holiday packaging? These Metallic Bubble Mailers are great protectors of the items being shipped while being tear resistant and lightweight saving on postage fees. The positive marketing effects of the Glamour Bubble Mailers along with the level of the protection they offer well justifies the cost of these colored decorative mailers. Think how surprised customers will be to find a shiny attractive mailer with a logo sticker from your brand. StarBoxes carries a full line of decorative holiday mailers covering every holiday color including red for Christmas, Purple for Easter, or Green for St Patricks Day

Marketing with Glamour Bubble Mailers

Most companies are aware of the uncertainty of the effectiveness of their marketing strategies but this becomes easier when it comes to the Metallic Mailers. The reason is the low cost of the Glamour Bubble Mailer and their dual duties as a reliable packaging supply and as an effective marketing tool. The difference between the cost of the regular Bubble Mailers and Glamour Mailers is the little extra cost that helps with the marketing of your goods. When the marketing cost is calculated it will make it clear that the minor additional expense between the two styles of the bubble mailers delivers a more memorable impact than any other marketing dollars assigned to other marketing plans.

Packing with Glamour Bubble Mailers

The easy peel and seal opening of the Glamour Bubble Mailers offers speedy packaging while saving money with the cushiony interior eliminating the need for void-fillers. The bottom of the Metallic Mailers is seamless reducing the risk of opening and causing damages to the contents during the transit. The sides are finned edge reducing the risk of paper-cut injuries. Like other Bubble Mailers, these Metallic Mailers are stored flat requiring less space in a crowded packing room.

The Glamour Bubble Mailers are manufactured with a smooth exterior and protective bubble role in the interior.

Shipping with Glamour Bubble Mailers

The positive first impression offered by Metallic Mailers shows you care and creates great brand recognition. The smooth exterior presents an ideal surface to attach stamps or mailing labels. The Glamour Mailers are approved by all carriers like USPS, FedEx, and UPS. The layer of Bubble Roll which is used to manufacture the Glamour Bubble Mailers reduces the risk of damages during the transit helping boost the positive image of your customer service while saving money on reducing the returns and refunds.