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Poly Bubble Mailers

Poly bags or poly bubble mailers are essential items to almost every area in the commercial industry. These are useful as it offers a simple and efficient way to protect products and package them well. Poly bags for shipping, also known as polyethylene bags, work to shield your items from dust, dirt, and damage during packing, shipment, and stocking.

These bags also function as postal mailing bags, which allow buyers easy transportation of their purchased items for shipping. There are various sizes, styles, and shapes of poly bags available. With that, you will be able to find just the right bag that can fit the items or products you need to ship or want to store.

Different Enclosure Styles available

There are different enclosure styles available for poly bags. On the other hand, there are also poly bags for shipping without an enclosure mechanism. While they don’t have enclosure mechanism, these bags do allow heat sealing, tying, taping or stapling for an enclosure. Various types of poly bags exist depending on the type of enclosure.

One of the best poly bubble bags to use is the flat poly bubble bag for shipping clothing, shoes, beauty products, spices, teas, and coffee or for when protecting products loosely during the shipment. There is also the re-closable poly bag that uses a self-sealing flap or a sliding zipper mechanism. With this type of poly bag for shipping, you can easily and quickly secure your product.


Flat Mailer Poly Bags

Most poly bags are available in flat stacks for space saving organization. This type of poly bag can be easily stored on shelves to allow you convenient retrieval. Easy to pack and label these bubble mailer bags are one of the most popular types of shipping bags used to mail goods.

Large Labels

Poly bags also come with large label areas. It is easier for you to write the product name, description of the product, quantity, price, along with other information using this type of poly bags for shipping. It is a feature of poly bags that add to the practicality of the product when it comes to storing and transporting items.


As it is made of polyethylene, you can be sure that it is durable material. However, different poly bags may come with different durability and thickness. The bags can have a thickness range of 0.4mm to up to 6mm, while some have bottoms that are reinforced that provide you ultimate strength. Starboxes poly bags are durable for shipping products and the specs can be found for each product.

Specialty Poly Bags

Starboxes has a full line of poly bags If you need poly bags for specific types of products, there are also specialty bags. Starboxes brand poly bags for shipping come in a variety of sizes and styles for you to find the perfect product for your shipping needs. Choose from plain mailers, bubble lined, zip enclosure, or fancy promotional bubble mailers.

These are different types and features of poly bags that can help ship and store varying items safe and secure. Whether for clothing, food or other items, there are plenty of poly bags for shipping that you can use to keep things clean and free from damage.