8.5" x 14.5" - #3

Kraft Bubble Mailer #3

Kraft Bubble Mailers #3


  • Inside Dimensions: 8.5" x 13.5"
  • Self-Sealing & 100% Recyclable
  • 52 lb. Kraft paper with 1/8” or 3/16” - 2 layers bubble lining
  • Lightweight to save on shipping
  • Each weigh just 1.0 ounces + or - 0.1
  • Perfect for T-Shirt's and other clothing
  • *Mailer Sizes inside dimension can vary +/- (plus or minus) a 1/4"
  • Mailer Required: Determine both width and depth add 1/2" then measure length and depth add 2"
  1. $20.08

  2. $24.09

  4. $64.37

  5. $128.60

  6. $311.54


Why Choose Kraft Bubble Mailer?

Kraft bubble mailers wholesale have become the best eco-friendly packaging solution for shipping needs and they are cost-effective and affordable.  The mailers are designed to protect and secure the content inside until its final destination. You can use the shipping envelopes in your business not only for shipping, but also for storing confidential documents or mailing.  Padded mailers are lighter and smaller than boxes. Envelopes can be stored anywhere in your office or warehouse with minimal space and help you reduce your freight cost.  With the use of padded envelopes you can help reduce product damage and ship your products in a professional and economical way.

Advantages of Kraft Bubble Mailers

StarBoxes padded mailers are made with a bubble cushion interior that protects and secures your products from moisture, dirt, and damage that can occur during transportation. You can use them to transport your goods from one place to another without worrying about any shipping risk. The envelopes are manufactured with strong 52# kraft paper that is tear and puncture resistant and provides better protection than regular envelopes. You can use them to ship out all types of products from fragile to soft goods like CD’s, clothing, jewelry, files and much more.  They come in different measurements for you to choose the size that best suits your products.  Made with a peal and seal strip that does not require tape or scissors.  Make packing much easier with a smooth glide interior and reduce the cost on extra packing supplies.

Not only are the envelopes secure and protect your products from damage, but they also provide good insulation. You can use them to ship out products under harsher weather condition since they keep the content inside at a stable temperature.  Kraft bubble mailers are easy to use and handle during the shipping and packing process that you can pack items in a few and simple steps. Compared to corrugated boxes our kraft bubble mailers wholesale don’t require void fillers like packing peanuts or bubble cushioning since they are made with a built-in bubble interior.

Customize Kraft Bubble Mailers

You can personalize our kraft bubble mailers wholesale for marketing, branding or promoting your business. With them, you can catch your customers attention by printing all types of designs or quotes on the outside using stickers, marker, or labels. The shipping envelope can be used for marketing your products to help you stand out from your competitors.  Since they are made with a smooth surface use rubber stamps, and other craft supplies to personalize them for customers'.