12.5" x 19" - #6

Kraft Bubble Mailer #6

Kraft Bubble Mailers #6


  • Inside Dimensions: 12.5" x 18"
  • Self-Sealing & 100% Recyclable
  • 52 lb. Kraft paper with1/8” or 3/16” - 2 layers bubble lining
  • Lightweight to save on shipping
  • Each weigh just 1.7 ounces + or - 0.1
  • Perfect for clothing, pillows, and other soft items 
  • *Mailer Sizes inside dimension can vary +/- (plus or minus) a 1/4"
  • Mailer Required: Determine both width and depth add 1/2" then measure length and depth add 2"
  1. $21.50

  2. $24.09

  4. $68.76

  5. $270.90

  6. $524.95


Shipping with Kraft Bubble Mailers

You may think that for shipping products you will need to use a box. StarBoxes kraft bubble mailers are designed for you to ship out all types of products like jewelry, books, CD’s, clothing, and household items.  Compared to corrugated boxes they are much easier and faster to pack your products in only two steps. Not only are paper mailers economical but you can also store flat mailing envelopes anywhere in your warehouse taking up less space.  Use professional-looking envelopes to give your customers a great impression and eco-friendly delivery of products.

Kraft Bubble Mailer Features

Kraft bubble mailers come with a 3/16" bubble interior that provides an extra layer of protection and keeps products and documents safe from damage and moisture. You won’t need to spend money on extra packing materials since they are manufactured with a self-sealing adhesive that does not need tape.  You can keep the cushioned envelopes in your office or workstation and use them whenever there is a need to ship items for your business or personal use. Padded envelopes help you save money on your shipping cost since they are lighter than corrugated boxes. They are ideal for shipping small, flat, and soft goods that do not require a lot of extra protection. 

Why Use Kraft Bubble Mailers?

Kraft bubble mailers are made with strong golden kraft paper and can be customized to advertise and promote your business. Use rubber-stamp designs or simply write on the outside with markers. Padded mailers are commonly used by pharmaceutical, automotive, E-commerce, and cosmetic industries including handmade items. Use smooth bubble envelopes to quickly pack goods with a peel and seal adhesive to close the envelope. The benefits will help you save time packing, low cost shipping, and increase productivity in your business. Padded mailers are used for shipping out products, but you can also use them to store documents or contracts.  Envelopes can be used to pack multiple products in a shipping box to provide better protection.

There are many sizes to choose from to ship out various products. Kraft bubble mailing envelopes are useful to prevent product damage and keep eCommerce products secure inside during transportation. Since bubble cushioning offers protection you won’t have to spend money on void filler packaging, packing peanuts, or foam wrap.  Made with high-quality material that makes it easy to use during rough deliveries caused by shocks and vibrations. Kraft bubble mailers are an excellent choice for you to ship packages to your customers.