StarBoxes Company Of The Month: Frankie and Myrrh

At some point, every successful business makes commercial transactions with another, and here at StarBoxes, we like to highlight companies that do so with us. This month we are highlighting an essential oil company known as Frankie and Myrrh. With their wide range of blends, sprays, diffusers, and roll-on’s, customers are able to pick and choose from different scented oils that aid in fighting negative energy, stress, bugs, foot odor, anxiety, sleep deprivation, germs, and so much more. Owner and founder, Kim Wong started as a social worker in Oakland, California, and has had her fair share of stressful times. Looking for multiple alternatives to relieve that tension, she relied profusely on the fiery taste of whiskey and the soothing smells of aromatherapy.

A few tough college classes later, Kim started making blends with essential oils. She would continuously talk about the virtues of sesquiterpenes, monoterpenes, and aldehydes that were found in these oils to her family and friends but noticed that no one was grasping the information or even taking interest in it. Eventually, she came up with names for her formulated concoctions that easily explain their uses and benefits in a fun and quirky way. Soon people started showing more interest and Frankie & Myrrh started to sprout.

StarBoxes Company Of The Month: Frankie and Myrrh

“We want people to take adult timeouts and smell the roses, lavenders, lemons, and spruces!”

 Today the company has blossomed and is all about delivering high-quality essential oil products and even higher quality smiles. Their sprays, rollies, and blends allow their customers to enjoy the good smells in life along with believing in empowerment through wellness and humor. Today, Frankie and Myrrh are being highlighted as StarBoxes’ company of the month for being true loyal customers and combining their essential oil products with our multiple size corrugated boxes, mailers, and poly bubble rolls.  These three particular products are hot sellers for us, and we love to see companies utilizing and branding themselves with them. For more information and refreshing essential oils and original blends be sure to check this company out and contact them for any other questions.

Frankie and Myrrh

121 W. Washington Street

Napoleon, OH 43545

Phone: 415-602-1493

Email: [email protected]